Lush Bust: Pros And Cons

Lush Bust: Pros And Cons
Lush Bust: Pros And Cons

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We figure out, together with a specialist, why some celebrities get rid of big breasts


Many girls dream of getting a magnificent bust, because it is beautiful, sexy and men like it. But there is also a downside to the coin: psychological pressure, physical discomfort, and so on. Some stars, faced with such discomfort, decided to undergo plastic surgery for breast reduction. Irina Konstantinova, a plastic surgeon, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Plastic Surgery at RUDN University, gave the most striking examples among celebrities.

Pamela Anderson, a famous actress, has repeatedly resorted to the help of a surgeon. She first enlarged her breasts when she was a teenager. But times are changing, and Pamela decided to return the natural look of her bust, so she significantly reduced its size.

Victoria Beckham denies any surgical intervention, but experts are convinced: she enlarged her breasts twice, the final size was 75 E. However, in 2009, Victoria sharply reduced her breasts to a modest but graceful 75 B.

Actress Christina Richie, known for the film "The Addams Family", has always dreamed of a small breast, although nature has endowed her with a magnificent bust. In the early 2000s, she reduced her breasts: when the world was crazy about silicone! Christina is so tired that men do not look her in the eye.

Irina Konstantinova: “For some reason, it is believed that plastic is about silicone. But sometimes plastic is a solution to medical issues, for example, as in the case when a woman has an excessively large breast size from birth. They have pain in the back, shoulders, neck. I had a patient who suffered from a subluxation of the cervical vertebra due to a large bust. Another has cervical osteochondrosis. Therefore, such an operation will definitely be beneficial. The rehabilitation period is very simple: the feeling of discomfort lasts 1-2 days, after which you only need to wear a compression bra."

Plastic surgery is not always done because of complexes and self-doubt. Sometimes this is vital. This is not about aesthetics, but rather the quality of life.

Perhaps these reasons were the last straw for the actress Drew Barrymore, and in 1992 she decided to have an operation.

The bust of the rap singer Queen Latifa weighed as much as 10 kilograms, which caused the star physical and mental discomfort; in 2013, the singer also underwent breast reduction surgery.

Irina Konstantinova: 'A large bust is not only a load on the spine when playing sports, but also the appearance of pain in the spine, deterioration of posture, curvature of the cervical vertebrae. Those with large breasts often have breathing problems. Large breasts press on the ribcage, and the lungs cannot fully contract. This is especially dangerous if a woman has a chronic lung disease - for example, bronchitis or bronchial asthma. And if we talk about health in general, then any discomfort should not be tolerated, especially in our time of advanced medical technologies.

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