The Most Spectacular Gray-haired Beauties

The Most Spectacular Gray-haired Beauties
The Most Spectacular Gray-haired Beauties

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The trend for gray hair has been walking the planet for several months now, and hundreds of photos of women who shine with their blond hair are published on social networks.

1/7 Just imagine that this stylish beauty Annika Vonholdt is the author of four bestselling thrillers and a computer programmer!

Photo: @annikavonholdt

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2/7 Brazilian theater actress Maria Malankini knows how to shock the audience with her shock of gray curls and provocative photos.

Photo: @ ma.malanquini

3/7 The gray-haired Argentinean actress Erica has appeared in films and on television, and successfully plays in the theater.

Photo: @ erikadesauturiestra /

4/7 Lithuanian model Vilma Bilene, due to her duty, often changes her looks, but in life she loves to dye her hair in all shades of silver.

Photo: @lithuanian_model

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5/7 Katrina DiMare never ceases to charm men after fifty.

Photo: @mommyrockstars

6/7 Sarah Eisenman looks like a gray-haired Shakira and knows exactly how to surprise almost 20 thousand followers on her Instagram.

Photo: @saraissilver

7/7 The popular model Yasmine Rossi is already 63 years old, but this does not prevent her from doing provocative photo shoots in a bikini and fighting everyone on the spot with her luxurious gray shock of hair.

Photo: @yazemeenah

At the same time, as "Rambler" found out, it became fashionable to dye your hair in all shades of silver or to leave gray hair intact as soon as it appeared on a woman's head.

Among the popular gray-haired beauties are bright age ladies. So, the model Yasmina Rossi, at 63, fascinates the world with her incredible chiseled figure and a shock of long white hair. Another spectacular gray-haired woman is Katrina DiMare, who admitted that after 30 years she turned gray, but categorically did not want to paint her head.

Such women are in no way inferior in sexuality to young beauties who simply decided to be "in trend" and painted their heads gray. Among them are a Lithuanian model, a Brazilian actress, and a Scandinavian writer.

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