Blogger's Choice: 10 Best New Year's Beauty Gifts Of All Time

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Blogger's Choice: 10 Best New Year's Beauty Gifts Of All Time
Blogger's Choice: 10 Best New Year's Beauty Gifts Of All Time

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i-blogger Elvira Chabakauri - about gifts that you definitely can't go wrong with.

Chanel eau de parfum


If you don’t know what to donate, donate a Chanel perfume. If you know, this option will work too. I have been blogging for quite a few years now, communicating with readers and fellow bloggers. Few people dislike Chanel perfumes and few people are not associated with the brand of some special and personal history. Moreover! Even if a person declares that he does not really like the brand, in fact this does not mean that he will not be happy with such a gift. And I myself was like that for the time being - I approached the beautiful bottles, but did not take them home. But as soon as they appeared, I also had my own special and personal stories associated with them.

if you don't know which scent to choose, choose Gabrielle. It is the newest, which means that it may not yet be with the one to whom it is presented. They talked a lot about him and advertised him for a long time - everyone wants to form their own opinion about him. And also, in my opinion, it just smells very festive.

Moisturizing Set, Ultraceuticals

A great gift option is a set of face care products. You can find a lot of these on the market, but my choice is a set of one of my favorite Australian brands of cosmeceuticals Ultraceuticals. The good thing about such a gift is that it is also a little unusual - this is not a brand that can be found anywhere. But at the same time, the products from the set are very versatile - for any skin type and any task.

The Ultra Moisturiser Cream is loved by people with completely different skin types and problems. Many bloggers, myself included, call it one of the best, if not the best moisturizer. The same can be said for an eye moisturizer.

Powder Meteorites, Guerlain

and in the Guerlain Meteorites balloons, I also find it an absolutely perfect beauty gift for all time. The brand produces limited boxes two or three times a year, and they are also in a constant assortment. Sometimes you need to "chase" the limited ones, however, in the days of online shopping, this is somewhat easier to do. Powder does not require careful color matching - it is translucent and gives more shine and good mood than color. Smells great, pleases the eye and lies beautifully on the dressing table.

Yves Rocher Winter Berries Sets

I recommend going to Yves Rocher boutiques for body care gifts. They release several chic body collections every year with wonderful scents and beautifully packaged. My favorite this year is Winter Berries. Very traditional, but not sugary at all. And I really like this year's packaging, I have associations with the cozy Hugge style. The compositions of the kits are completely different - from huge to travel miniatures in cute packaging in the form of houses or balls, and all this for a small price. I think small sets are the perfect neutral gift when visiting or choosing a gift for colleagues. I would like it to be something festive and pleasant, but not too personal and expensive.

Foreo LUNA2

It seems to me that the perfect gift is what a person would like, but hardly dare to buy for himself. Beauty gadgets are often in this category - many people want to try them, but few decide. Foreo LUNA2 is my best tried-and-true facial cleansing and massage gadget so I recommend it. In addition, such a gift will not condemn you to buy expensive attachments for it later, like some analogues.

an excellent addition to any care, and I can clearly see the difference on my skin when I wash with it and when without it.

Sets of hand creams "Shea", L`Occitane

Another classic gift is L`Occitane en Provence products and gift sets. They also make kits every year that make your head spin. For me, one of the most versatile and desirable gifts from the brand is the one with their famous Karite hand cream.It is loved all over the world, it is very effective for nourishing and restoring the skin of the hands, it smells of comfort and is quickly absorbed. And the whole series is very wintery and nutritious!

To my experience, even those women who do not need some very thorough body care - creams, scrubs and the like (or do not find time for it) - use this hand cream regularly. This means it is constantly running out, so a great cream never hurts.

Wanderlust Cosmetic Bags

A good cosmetic bag is also such a thing that not everyone will go to buy themselves. Even those who regularly "chase" the shadows and lipsticks of limited collections, can use the cosmetic bags, which were given for a purchase 5 years ago - more than once seen. Wanderlust has excellent quality, and has options for both a handbag and home storage, and just wonderful handy travel cases. By design, you can find there boudoir black velvet, holographic fashionable overflows, and much more.

Set of face masks "12 months", The Body Shop

we know that The Body Shop always has good body care. But this season the coolest gift, in my opinion, is not in this category. They have released just wonderful face masks - all different, but all pure pleasure in packaging, fragrances and textures. And also very effective! And for the New Year, you can find a wonderful set of five masks. Now, face masks, as never before, are in vogue, it seems that everyone already fell in love with them. Therefore, such a gift will definitely please. Moreover, the masks are really very good, I can't even name my favorite of these five, because they are all beautiful.

Eyeshadow Personality Palettes, M.A.C

If you want your beauty gift to be a joke as well, choose one of the new M.A.C Personality Palettes. They are not only cool in quality and color range, but also with funny names. The brand's shadows are the classics that everyone loves and knows.

e cult name, of course, Basic Bitch, I think no translation is required: you should only give it to a good friend who will appreciate it! But there is also Power Hungry (my favorite in shades), Fashion Fanatic and all sorts of others - there is plenty to choose from by colors and a suitable name.

Chanel body gel with shimmery particles N5 Fragments d'Or

Another option for a chic gift is some wonderful excess, very beautiful, in which there are not many practical purposes, but the very maximum of a holiday. For example, like Chanel body gel with shimmery particles N5 Fragments d'Or.

This is a body gel with golden shine particles and 5 scent. In a chic large glass bottle with a heavy lid, it will decorate your dressing table forever! It is needed to increase self-esteem - to smear the body: it will shine and smell beautifully. You can use it outdoors, going out or dating. But the best option is for yourself, for no reason at all.

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