What Should Be New Year's Makeup

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What Should Be New Year's Makeup
What Should Be New Year's Makeup

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Every night, makeup should be bright and effective, but not defiant. What should be emphasized, says Elza Sultanova, makeup artist at the beauty salon Go by Brow Bar Moscow.



it is better to do smoky eyes make-up on new year's eve. It will suit almost everyone, especially those with brown, green and blue eyes. Don't forget eyeshadow and shimmery eyeliner. And to literally shine, use a highlighter or glitter powder.


This is the most difficult stage of makeup. Here it is important to act according to the scheme.

1. Take a regular moisturizing lipstick and apply it on your lips, wait until it absorbs a little.

2. Now start creating the outline around the lips. Keep in mind that red increases the color, therefore, when outlining the lips with a pencil, do not go beyond their natural contour.

3. Choose the color of the pencil to match the lipstick (a gross make-up mistake is to outline the lip contour with a pencil several shades darker).

4. It is better to apply lipstick with your fingertips, so you can distribute it more evenly.

5. The second layer is best applied with a small brush, and the excess amount gently wipe off with a dry cloth.

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