10 Tools For A Quick New Year's Makeup

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10 Tools For A Quick New Year's Makeup
10 Tools For A Quick New Year's Makeup

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h-palette, lipstick with frost, eyelash fan and futuristic concealer - we have compiled a beauty list that will help you quickly get ready for the chimes.

Gel Chanel N ° 5 Fragments d'Or, Chanel


pollen, sandalwood shavings and spices. Thicken the resulting paste. Sprinkle with gold particles to taste. Pour into a limited edition jar of Chanel 5 Body Gel. Serve under the tree.

Lipstick 400 Ecstasy Shine, Giorgio Armani

Having played enough with matte nude, makeup artists and instadivs switched to carmine lipsticks with a mirror shine. Ideally, like all 18 colors of the new Ecstasy Shine, they cover their lips with an ultra-thin protective film.

Ultra-waterproof mascara Nordic Chic, Lumene

The new Lumene mascara will reflect drizzle, freezing rain, and fluffy snow. And, without being distracted from this battle, it will curl even the straightest eyelashes.

Illamasqua False Eyelashes

Let the British make-up brand, which has finally come to Russia, have a transparent makeup base, a fixative gel and a discreet highlighter in its bestsellers - now is the time to grab what is why Illamasqua got its name. Illusions and masquerades call for crazy fan lashes!

Set Palette de Maquillage Clarins by Chapurin

Igor Chapurin wrapped the traditional (already the third!) Clutch-palette for the New Year's party in a red boucle. A dress with a complex origami drapery in the shape of a heart is sewn from the same dress, for which there is always a wait list in Chapurin boutiques. In a clutch, a caring designer has collected the most necessary things for us: black Wonder Perfect Mascara, powder, graphite and beige shadows, pink and carmine lipsticks. A couple of confetti and an aspirin for January 1 will also fit.

Mascara Lash Crown Mascara, Max Factor

If you turn it to one side, the intricate purple tassel will look like the sun, which has sunk half over the horizon. 135 bristles radiate from this luminary. The official makeup artist of Max Factor in Russia, Vladimir Kalinchev, advises to work with a corolla (or, in the interpretation of the brand, a crown) the lower eyelashes and those located in the inner corner of the eye. And with the main brush, add length and volume at the roots of the remaining eyelashes.

Tonal stick Velvet Matte Foundation Stick, Nars

Beauty futurist François Nars came up with a magic wand - a universal tonal stick. He will be glad to come in handy as a concealer, as a corrector, as a foundation and as a contouring agent. Its powder coating, nourishing vitamins in the formula and a blender on the back of the stick make it one of the most life saving beauty gadgets of the year.

Organic Shop Mask

A new mask with bioextract of the snow lotus moisturizes and tones the skin. Hyaluronic acid in its composition also plays an important role in this transformation.

Palette Striking Nights, Givenchy

high and brass - it even sounds beautiful. And it looks even better. The Starter pack for creating such a make-up is in the Givenchy Christmas edition. Moreover, a bright star can overshadow both the cheekbones and the "cupid's bow" above the upper lip.

Lipstick Elle Belle, M.A.C

Like all products from the Snow Ball holiday collection, the deep red lipstick packaging is covered in golden frost. Text: Alla Sharandina Photo: archives of the press services

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