Beauty Schedule For New Year's Eve

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Beauty Schedule For New Year's Eve
Beauty Schedule For New Year's Eve

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Almost everyone has New Year's Eve in time pressure and endless deadlines. In trying to do everything and even more, we almost do not leave time for ourselves. But on New Year's Eve it is important to look rested and beautiful: as you celebrate the New Year, you will spend it. Fortunately, we know how to transform ourselves even in a limited period of time. Our guide to express transformation will help. Beauty schedule for New Year's Eve: how to catch everything and be the queen of the ball


First, take a warm bath to help you relax and tune in to New Year's Eve. Add sea salt to warm water, which will remove excess fluid from cells and make the skin smooth and even, or a caring bath oil. 15-20 minutes in such a bath will be enough.

Before leaving, massage your skin with a mild oil-based sugar scrub or essential oils. Pay special attention to your hands, neckline, and those parts of the body that the outfit will not hide. This exfoliating treatment will leave your skin smooth and radiant.

In the bathroom, gently pat dry with a towel and apply moisturizer immediately. It inhibits moisture inside the cells and makes the skin of the body soft and beautiful.

Take care of your hair

Years' parties are a real test for hair. Endless styling with styling products and gadgets dry out the strands and make them brittle and lifeless. Intensive care will help prevent this by pampering your hair before you do your hair. While soaking in the sea salt bath, apply a thick layer of a nourishing mask to your hair. You can even cover your head with a warm towel to enhance the effectiveness of your beauty product. Before leaving the bathroom, rinse off the mask, blot your hair with a towel and apply on the strands (if the hair is dry - over the entire length, avoiding the roots, if oily - on the ends) a caring and disciplining oil. And do not forget about thermal protection products that will prevent the hair dryer, irons and curling iron from drying out the curls.

Use an express face and eyelid mask

To transform the skin of the face, it is not necessary to sit still or even lie with a cream mask on your face. Express and sheet masks, no worse than those with a dense texture, will cope with the task of returning the skin to tone and excellent condition. And in just 5-10 minutes. And for some masks, even a couple of minutes is enough!

If you use a cloth mask, put it in the freezer for a couple of minutes and, along with moisturizing, get a lymphatic drainage effect and toning.

In the meantime, you will do other things, the mask will "work" on your skin and will definitely not slip in the décolleté!

e same with patches for the skin of the eyelids. While you do your styling, they will transform the skin around your eyes!

Apply products with radiant particles

To at least visually create the image of a rested girl (in fact, peace is only just dreaming!), use beauty products with the right texture. The best for New Year's Eve are products for the face and body with reflective particles. They will create a soft glow on the skin and visually create a flawless skin effect. For the face, use highlighters or a base with reflective particles, and for the body, use lotions and powders (apply them to open areas of the body).

Get a manicure

Well-groomed hands are the key to a flawless look. If you regularly do manicure, then putting your nails in order before New Year's Eve will not be difficult. You will need five to ten minutes of free time and only 5 beauty products: a mask for the skin of the hands in the format of gloves, a cuticle remover, cuticle oil, an orange stick and a nail file.

To begin with, apply a remover to the cuticle, after two to three minutes, move the softened cuticle away with an orange stick.Do not forget to rinse off the remnants of the remover with warm water afterwards and pat your hands dry with a towel.

Correct the shape of your nails with a soft file. The last step is to put on a mask-gloves on your hands to soften the skin and make it smooth.

Before applying polish, degrease the surface of your nails with nail polish remover or special solution. And for a manicure to be more durable, be sure to use a base and top coat.

Finally, apply a nourishing oil to the cuticle and massage it into the skin with gentle massaging movements.

Apply makeup

Festive and spectacular makeup can be done in just five minutes. You've already applied a base coat to your face. Now line it up with a light foundation. Go over the skin with a highlighter (over the bridge of the nose, cheekbones, checkmark above the upper lip, chin and central part of the forehead).

Use your fingers to apply shimmery gold or silver eyeshadow to the entire movable eyelid (for this it is better to choose a creamy texture) and gently blend them with a brush upwards and towards the temples. Remember to add accents at the corners of your eyes.

Curl your lashes with a curler and paint thoroughly with lengthening mascara. Highlight your brows with mascara or eyeshadow.

Apply a cold pink blush to the apples of your cheeks. It remains to paint your lips with lipstick or gloss and you can go to celebrate the year of the Yellow Dog in all its glory!

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