5 Cases When Makeup Is Definitely Not Needed

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5 Cases When Makeup Is Definitely Not Needed
5 Cases When Makeup Is Definitely Not Needed

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Look, makeup isn't always good. There are times when a make-up can only harm beauty in the literal sense of the word - cause allergies, acne and even worsen eyesight. In what situations is it not worth painting in any way and why?

1. On the plane


During the flight, it is best to refuse any decorative cosmetics, even an eyebrow pencil, as the air on the plane is very dry and conditioned, and the pencil will not resist and can crumble. The foundation (as well as bb and cc) will not allow your skin to breathe normally, as a result it will become more sensitive and irritated. Plus, be prepared for your pores to expand and your wrinkles to deepen.

2. In the gym

and makeup is not the best pair. Believe me, while you are sweating, exercising hard, the skin does not breathe, it is already hard for it, and if you even “block” it with foundation or powder, it will only get worse.

3. In the pool

If you have waterproof makeup, you shouldn't use it if you plan to go swimming in the pool. When combined with chlorinated water, loose mascara particles will irritate the eyes and can cause swelling and conjunctivitis.

4. On the beach

On our skin, a real hysteria begins! You are already subjecting her to tremendous stress by exposing her to the open sun. Keep in mind that any color cosmetics (even those that moisturize and nourish the skin well) can irritate and cause dehydration. Plus, you hardly know what base your foundation or eyeshadow has. If you are unlucky and it turns out that they have an oil base, then in the heat they will definitely spread. But that's the least they can do. Add to that clogged pores, irritation, acne and acne - the complete package is guaranteed! So it is better to go to the sandy beach with a "naked" face.

5. While you sleep

Even if you have had a very active night, like having a lot of fun at a party after a busy day, it is important to wash off your makeup! Falling asleep in full dress is 10 times worse than diving into a pool with painted eyelashes. And all because if you do not remove the foundation, then clogged pores and inflammation are waiting for you the very next day. Without rinsing off the mascara, get ready for the fact that your eyelashes will become more fragile and dry, and if you also have a habit of sleeping with your face in a pillow, you risk breaking them. Well, the last reason is a dirty pillowcase, on which the cosmetics will definitely be imprinted!

And one more thing: if you are planning to spend the weekend at home, then arrange yourself a #meycapfride (a day without makeup) - your skin should rest, do not forget about it!

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