Claudia Schiffer Looks Half Her Age

Claudia Schiffer Looks Half Her Age
Claudia Schiffer Looks Half Her Age

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It looks like the supermodel is drinking some secret beauty elixir.


The legendary top model will turn 48 at the end of August. But she looks like you won't give her even 30. And everything would be understandable and not at all surprising if the beauty of Claudia was only on the covers of magazines and fashion shootings. But in an ordinary "home" photo, she also looks twice as young as she really is.

Not a single wrinkle! Perfect skin, chiseled and not at all blurry facial features, graceful hands and ankles, and all the same famous slightly surprised smile, for which the whole world once fell in love with her. Oh, yes - and blond curls - a hairstyle that a beauty will never, by her own admission, change. “My hair has become my trademark, I am proud of it and therefore I never dare to cut my hair short or dye it,” the model once said.

One of the most beautiful blondes in the world has repeatedly said that Pilates, proper nutrition and water aerobics help her keep her figure. And to keep her skin fresh and healthy, Claudia adds to the diet carrots, apple juice, water with lemon and ginger, which give the face freshness and energize the whole day.

And a star needs a lot of energy! Indeed, despite her age, she still continues to act in films and go to the catwalks. Schiffer is also an actress and also a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

In her personal life, Claudia is also all right: for 16 years she has been married to Matthew Vaughn, a British producer and director. They have three children: 15-year-old son Caspar, 13-year-old daughter Clementine and 8-year-old Cosima Violet Vaughan Drummond. Well, all the components of happiness are there. But it is this inner state that better than any diets and cosmetologists allows you to preserve beauty and look young.

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