Why Do Russians Age So Ugly

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Why Do Russians Age So Ugly
Why Do Russians Age So Ugly

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Russian women are often accused of being unkempt. And if a lady nevertheless decided on cosmetic injections or even surgery, then in this case she will get a double portion of condemnation - after all, you need to grow old naturally, and not reshape yourself to please fashion trends. But here's the thing - the type of skin, natural conditions, as well as the lifestyle of our compatriots differ significantly from those of Europeans. So it's time to stop blaming Russian women for neglect, because many factors affect their appearance. Which ones - says "Rambler".

Skin type

Russian women are often cited as an example of European women as women with a natural charm, which they emphasize over the years with unobtrusive care. But the fact is that European women have a completely different type of facial skin, hair structure and much more. While Russian ladies are diligently removing puffiness on skin prone to oily and enlarged pores, Europeans just need to buy a moisturizer. Their skin for the most part does not have a large layer of fat, it is thin and prone to dryness. Over the years, women with this type of skin become wrinkled, yes, but their face does not lose its shape as much as most Russian women do. Alas, our women suffer from a "blurry" face, flews, bags under the eyes and double chins far from their own will - they got the so-called deformation type of aging. Simply put, Russian girls are rightfully considered one of the most beautiful in the world, but their attractiveness is quickly disappearing, giving way to irreversible age-related changes.


A fairly obvious external factor is the climate. It's no secret that the weather conditions on the territory of Russia, in comparison with the European climate, can be safely considered a difficult test for the skin of the face. Most of the time, the inhabitants of Russia are forced to live at rather low temperatures, which of course affects the appearance.


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The diet

Differences in diet also follow directly from this. While Europeans prefer plant foods, women in Russia eat more meat and other fat-rich foods, and they also prefer foods high in sugar.

Less preference is given to vegetables and fruits, which also significantly affects the appearance and the body's ability to resist age-related changes.

Psychological setting

The overwhelming majority of Russian women are forced to live in difficult psychological conditions. On the one hand, the woman in the house is the keeper of the hearth and she is also responsible for dinner on the table and clean shirts. She is also a mother who should pay enough attention to her children. And often the need to work is added to this. There is absolutely no time left for oneself and such a difficult lifestyle is reflected in both the internal and external state of a woman.

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