5 Most Coveted Beauty Trends Of

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5 Most Coveted Beauty Trends Of
5 Most Coveted Beauty Trends Of

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A complete rejection of contouring, smart masks and other beauty trends that you could not even dream of - in our review.


Gender and personalization When the cosmetic giants realized that no one could surprise anyone with gender free perfume and clothing, they put on universal makeup collections (for both boys and girls). In addition, in 2018, a boom in inclusive products is expected that suits everyone, regardless of gender and race (the success of Rihanna's Fenty Beauty line with 40 shades of foundation haunts her competitors). Products that adapt to the Ph level of the skin will also be popular.

No contouring (complete!)

more than five years have passed since the day Kim Kardashian revealed to her subscribers the secret of her perfectly symmetrical face and expressive cheekbones, and contouring is not going anywhere. But this year the excitement around sculpting will gradually decline. And the trends will entrench clean, glowing skin with a minimum amount of camouflage.


For five minutes, Princess Meghan Markle banned retouchers and makeup artists from touching their freckles just in time: they will be at their peak in 2018. By the way, the consequences of the popularity of the trend have already appeared: beauty bloggers are en masse drawing freckles in the form of constellations. Rumor has it that the topic went to the people with the suggestion of Michigan tattoo artist Jessica Knapik, who, being a fan of astrology, came up with the idea of ​​placing artificial freckles in the form of zodiac signs.

Metallic shades

Have not yet uncovered your pearlescent eyeshadows and have not tried a fashionable mirror polish for nails, your time has come. This year, both eyelids and nails should often shine like a polished coin.

Smart masks

We love care with cloth masks, but we admit that it has its drawbacks: the absorption of the contents in a short time is almost minimal, and, whatever the Instagram stars say, wearing them on your face is not very comfortable. 2018 will see a boom in smart masks, compact gadgets that can replace salon care. Secretly, the first such gadget is being prepared by the Foreo brand.

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