25 Proofs That The Amazing Is Nearby

25 Proofs That The Amazing Is Nearby
25 Proofs That The Amazing Is Nearby

Video: 25 Proofs That The Amazing Is Nearby


Reddit has a very popular Mildly Interesting community with 18.4 million members. People publish everything that seemed to them worthy of attention: some non-trivial things that you will not find at every turn. And it seems nothing out of the ordinary, but in general - "quite interesting."


Dog shampoo that says it has been tested on humans

Partial heterochromia in both eyes

Keeping distance on an escalator in a supermarket

This Finnish bread maker puts a mask on his branding picture.

Christmas garlands covered with snow

Foot operated lift

A bathroom window that looks like a painting on the wall

One dog looks like a shadow from another

House decorated with sleeping dog Snoopy

A freezer that makes ice balls, not ice cubes

Mosaic floor lined with bottle caps

Old edition of "Tom Sawyer" under the real name of Mark Twain - Samuel L. Clemens

Engagement ring engraved with the partner's fingerprint

Skateboard parking rack

Someone threw away old Dr. Martens. They were picked up and put in order

The napkin exactly repeats the pattern of the carpet

The handrail does not connect to the floor, making it easier to clean

A cup made in occupied Japan

Constructive solution: dog bed, carved under the stairs

Old escalators at Vineyard Station in Sydney now adorn the ceiling

The world's largest dragline excavator bucket

Dusty print of a lizard falling from the ceiling

The flatmate put a mirror to let the sun enter the room

Temporary library on the premises of an old grocery store (a new library building is under construction)

Complete collection of every LEGO shield ever made

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