Asymmetric Breasts, Lips And Other Star Plastics

Asymmetric Breasts, Lips And Other Star Plastics
Asymmetric Breasts, Lips And Other Star Plastics

Video: Asymmetric Breasts, Lips And Other Star Plastics

Video: Plastic Surgeon Reacts to BOTCHED BY NATURE: Young Woman with Huge, Asymmetric Breasts 2022, November

Donatella Versace


One of the most influential figures in the fashion world - Donatella Versace - realized that inner beauty is more important than outer shine, only by the age of 60. And before that, despite her high position in society, she was full of complexes and did one plastic surgery after another. As a result, the effect of surgical interventions was terrible. Plastic only spoiled the face of a spectacular blonde, and the tabloids now and then began to include the famous designer in the lists of the most terrible celebrities.

Uma Thurman

For the first time, they started talking about the fact that the famous actress did plastic surgery after her appearance at the premiere of the series "Slap" in New York. Fans of Uma Thurman immediately noticed the actress's artificially rejuvenated face. According to many, due to surgical intervention, it has lost those features that previously distinguished the star so favorably. The liveliness disappeared from the face, the eyes narrowed, and the smile became extremely unnatural.

Nicole Kidman

The actress, who previously stated that she would never lie under the surgeon's knife, decided to enlarge her lips by the age of 40. As a result, her facial features have lost their former aristocracy - now the upper lip of the star has taken on an unnatural rectangular shape and, to put it mildly, it rises strangely when smiling. In addition, the actress's skin seems to be very taut, and her cheeks have become unnaturally plump.

Known for scandalous antics, party life and more than once seen in a state of drug and alcohol intoxication, Lindsay Lohan in her thirties looks, to be honest, older than 50-year-old women. Such an appearance is the result of not only the actress's irresponsible lifestyle, but also her passion for fillers, botox and, of course, plastic.

Kim Basinger

The actress's skin has repeatedly undergone serious surgical intervention. As a result, the star is hardly recognized by her fans. Kim's skin is very swollen, her former features have changed markedly.

Renee Zellweger

An unnatural lip shape, a taut, embossed and unnaturally shiny skin, a narrow cut of the eyes - that's all that the famous actress received after plastic surgery. Now in Rene it is difficult to find the features of the former actress so beloved by all. I wonder if she herself likes the result?

One of the most famous actresses of the 90s is now, perhaps, only mentioned in the selections of stars with unsuccessful plastic. Everyone agrees that Melanie clearly went too far with the surgery - her face, eyes, lips look very unnatural and, definitely, add an extra ten years to her.


The “eternally young” and energetic pop diva in recent photographs increasingly looks older. Shabby, swelling and unnatural shine of the star's face now and then give reason to experts to assert that Madonna's appearance suffered at the hands of Hollywood plastic surgeons.

Janice Dickinson

The legendary model, who built a dizzying career in her youth, never hid her addiction to plastic surgery. Her unnaturally toned face has long been nicknamed the face of a witch. But this star does not hurt at all. Janice is still in the modeling business as an agent and is quite happy with her appearance. What do you say?

Jocelyn Wildenstein

This famous billionaire really wanted to be young and beautiful and spent huge sums of money on plastic surgery. However, their result was not at all what the star expected. Jocelyn decided to give her face the features of a wild cat in order to please her husband more. However, after such an unsuccessful plastic surgery, the woman lost both her husband, who soon divorced her, and her natural beauty.

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Photo: Global Look Press

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