The Naked Truth Or What Celebrities Look Like On The Beach

The Naked Truth Or What Celebrities Look Like On The Beach
The Naked Truth Or What Celebrities Look Like On The Beach

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Famous personalities are the same people, like everyone else, who sometimes allow themselves to break the diet, gain a few pounds and relax on the beach. It is there that you can observe how celebrities look without the usual lush outfits or makeup that hide flaws.

Uma Thurman

The actress often flashed in action films, which is only worth her role as a hired killer in the film "Kill Bill". However, Tarantino's muse does not always have to look perfect, she can afford to relax on weekends, and it becomes clear that her body is not as perfect as it seemed, but this does not make her less talented.

Helena Bonham-Carter

Another muse, but this time Tim Burton, who prefers dark and mysterious images. The British celebrity has never tried to look like typical Hollywood beauties, possessing her own individual beauty. In Bonham's swimsuit, cellulite is visible, as well as a protruding belly, but the actress herself is hardly worried about this.

Janice Dickinson

The 62-year-old supermodel does not hesitate to flaunt on the beach in an open swimsuit, preferring to enjoy the rest. And if the majority have to hide extra pounds, then Dickinson can hardly hide excessive thinness and somewhat flabby skin, or she simply does not care about it. Given the age of the star, no one will undertake to judge her.

Kate moss

Another supermodel, while relaxing on the beach, resembles an ordinary woman, and not everyone can recognize her as a celebrity. The body of the star can hardly be called ideal, but she continues to maintain herself in quite good shape, moreover, she is already 43.

In the second half of the 2000s, this American singer literally broke into the world of pop music, and her hits took high places in the charts for a long time. However, Kesha decided that the glory that had covered her was not at all a reason to go to the gym and spend several hours there. On the beach, you can easily observe all the flaws in the body of a celebrity.

Britney Spears

This singer often has problems with being overweight, and all because it is very difficult for her to deny herself a meal from fast food. At times, the star still pulls herself together and loses weight, but when she visits the beach, it is difficult for her to hide figure flaws, and the celebrity periodically wears swimsuits that are too small for her.

Antonio Banderas

The actor was never considered a jock, but his body was always fit and attracted fans. However, over the years, the artist decided that he could afford to relax, so he stopped monitoring the weight gained.

Mel Gibson

A colleague of Antonio Banderas at one time had a stunning and fairly embossed body, but now he has got a big belly and little resembles a sex symbol from the past. However, Gibson's acting talent is still with him, moreover, he has proven himself as a director.

Salma Hayek

The Mexican-American star has always been distinguished by curvaceous forms, but for official events, the actress chose outfits that emphasize her bust and hide figure flaws. On the beach, it becomes obvious that the celebrity is by no means slim, but still beautiful.

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