Recognized Beauties Of The Last Century Then And Now

Recognized Beauties Of The Last Century Then And Now
Recognized Beauties Of The Last Century Then And Now

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Peculiarities of aging Someone manages to grow old with dignity, but some women experience the appearance of wrinkles very hard, resorting to plastic surgery and other methods of rejuvenation. But, as they say, nature cannot be fooled. The years take their toll.


At the same time, as practice shows, the more obstacles a woman puts to the natural aging processes, the more terrible the “grimaces of old age” look. Audrey Hepburn

This actress will forever remain in our memory young and beautiful. The way she was in her black and white Hollywood paintings. Ornella Muti

The woman at one time won the hearts of millions of viewers around the world. And today she looks quite attractive, remaining the same charming beauty that she was many years ago. Sophia Loren

The name Sophia Loren is associated with incredible beauty and attractiveness. However, this is the case when a woman could not meet old age with dignity. Today the actress is unrecognizable. A large number of plastic surgeries have played a cruel joke on the appearance of the star. Vera Alentova

Here, plastic also played a cruel joke with the once popular and famous actress. The attractive facial features that men liked so much have completely disappeared. Now Alentov does not recognize. Maggie Smith

Most moviegoers know Maggie for her role as the elderly heroine of the famous Harry Potter film. But in her youth, the actress was distinguished by her beauty and attractiveness. Goldie Hawn

Fans will remember Goldie as the young beauty who holds the coveted award for Best Performance in Cactus Blossom. Today the Hollywood actress looks like this. Meryl Streep

It seems that years have no power over Meryl. This incredibly talented woman even ages brilliantly. Helen Mirren

This actress also became famous in adulthood. Despite her age, Helen looks very good, but in her youth she was very pretty. Natalia Oreiro

Natalia Oreiro has a large number of fans among Russian TV viewers. She is still quite young and tries to keep herself in shape, but no matter how Natalia tries to look younger, her age is clearly visible on her face.

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