Winter In The City: How To Save Face And Hair From Bad Weather

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Winter In The City: How To Save Face And Hair From Bad Weather
Winter In The City: How To Save Face And Hair From Bad Weather

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Snowstorm, blizzard and frost are by no means friends for our body. Temperature changes are especially harmful when we go out of a warm apartment onto a cold street. Often in winter, many complain of dryness and redness of the skin of the face, brittle hair, and sometimes excessive hair loss.


Lack of sun and vitamins affects both the internal state of the body and the external one. However, this is not a reason to be upset, because such a period helps us to carry out all those procedures that are strictly prohibited in the summer: deep peels, fractional thermolysis, sessions using a laser.


At a makeup store, eyes run wild with a variety of products that promise great nutrition and radiance. Take note: alginate masks with serums are very good for the winter period. You can apply the mask yourself at home or make an appointment with a beautician. First, the skin is cleansed with a foam or lotion, then a serum is applied, and an alginate mask is applied on top. The most important thing is that such masks are suitable not only for any skin type, but also for any age.

The exposure time is 15–20 minutes. After removing the mask, the finishing cream must be applied. The effect can be felt immediately: redness and flaking will disappear, because such masks are a source of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, remove toxins, reduce moisture loss, moisturize the skin, promote deep penetration of water into the epidermis and restore mineral balance.


In winter, it is recommended to use a cream that is dense in consistency, which must include vitamins and caring elements. It is best to apply the cream an hour or two before leaving - this will allow it to be absorbed and it will perform its protective functions. But we advise you not to get carried away with such creams, because their overabundance on the skin can lead to clogged pores, and subsequently to inflammation.

In the cold period of time, it is better to refrain from moisturizing creams, since their base consists of water, which freezes in the cold and does not have beneficial qualities, but rather damage your skin.

“Before going outside, do self-massage, as metabolic processes slow down in winter,” says Daria Makarova, cosmetologist, technologist-teacher of the ARAVIA center. - Massage improves blood circulation, complexion, increases the effectiveness of the cream, which you will apply after. Massage your face after cleansing your skin, before applying your favorite cream.


In cold weather, lips crack and dry, and this vicious circle never ends. Use a scrub, you can make it yourself at home. Mix the coffee and coconut oil thoroughly, then rub this composition on your lips for 30 seconds. Rinse off with warm water and then apply your favorite lip balm or nourishing oil. Repeat this process every day until the flaking stops and be sure to apply a nourishing balm throughout the day.


The time from late October to mid-March is an excellent period for deep peels, as the sun is not active during this period. Olga Yarosh, a cosmetologist at the EpilCity cosmetology and hair removal center, recommends trying middle peels:

- They are composed of acids such as retinoic acid or salicylic acid. Once on the skin, they cause the destruction of keratinized cells, which are replaced by new ones. Your face visibly rejuvenates, acquires an even and beautiful complexion, while age spots and skin imperfections disappear. In order to see the result, it is advisable to run the course during the winter.

Fractional thermolysis

A unique thermolysis procedure is a thermal effect on the skin by contacting the laser beam with the epidermis. It is carried out exclusively by highly qualified cosmetologists. In winter, our skin is less exposed to sunlight, so the rehabilitation period is easier and there is less risk of complications.

Fractional thermolysis solves various problems: it can be used to achieve a lifting effect, remove excess wrinkles and skin laxity. You can also solve the problem of acne scars.

Caring for the scalp

Peeling and massage are also needed for the scalp. These treatments help to thoroughly cleanse the hair and slow down hair loss. On the shelves of cosmetic stores or in beauty salons, you can find “scalp peels” - usually a gel with particles of bursting bubbles.

Also, don't forget about masks that you can make at home or with your stylist. Stylist, head of the VORONA studio network Viktoria Vorona offers a real life hack:

- Primer, serum for the ends of the hair, marula oil, spray for quick drying of hair, spray for volume, detangler - choose from this list three products, squeeze out peas from tubes and mix in the palm of your hand. Rub this mixture through damp hair and dry your hair - it will become manageable, supple, soft. And don't forget about thermal protection with SPF in winter too. It is also good to do strong grooming every three to four weeks in the winter in the form of Botox, retailer, or collagen and hydrolyzed keratin.

From personal experience

“I devote a lot of time to my appearance, and especially in winter,” says the actress Polya Polyakova. - It happens that the shooting takes place outside in the cold. And you always have to look spectacular. Naturally, with the onset of cold weather, I change my moisturizer to a nourishing one. My home care includes washing with ice in the morning, this procedure helps to relieve puffiness and makes a natural lifting. I really like to use the peeling roll - now there is a large selection of both Japanese and Russian brands in stores. I go to beauty salons for a photorejuvenation procedure: it gives a whitening effect, removes redness. I admit that I am a supporter of "beauty injections": they also help to keep the skin of the face fresh and toned.

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