The New Image Of The Queen Has Disappointed Fans

The New Image Of The Queen Has Disappointed Fans
The New Image Of The Queen Has Disappointed Fans

Video: The New Image Of The Queen Has Disappointed Fans

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The singer decided to boast of an updated image, but instead of rave reviews she received only a flurry of criticism.


In the hope of waiting for compliments from followers, Natasha Koroleva shared her photo, in which she appeared in an updated image. The artist turned to a specialist, and he made her a new hairstyle and sable eyebrows. But users reacted extremely ambiguously to the new picture by Koroleva.

Many followers pounced on Natasha and began to accuse her of excessive use of "beauty shots" and Photoshop. Loyal fans suddenly rebelled and reported that the singer had lost her individuality and naturalness in pursuit of this season's fashion trends.

14 Aug 2020 at 9:14 PDT

Although it is not known exactly whether the Queen visits cosmetologists, fans suggested that it was they and their "beauty injections" that stole her beauty from the singer.

“I don’t look like myself, I like the old one more”, “It was better. She was a beauty, but now like everyone else”,“Natasha, you always look great, but don't make yourself out of your body,”- the followers immediately pounced on the artist.

Natasha didn’t change anything special in herself, but for some reason the fans didn’t like this particular image the most. If desired, the Queen can always return to her previous image. The artist often experiments with her appearance, so soon you should expect a lot of photos from her with different style options.

However, no one denies that the singer has recently begun to look noticeably younger. Earlier, the artist said that she was thinking about plastic surgery in order to preserve her beauty. True, Natasha also said that she would decide on this only when nothing could help her. The main thing, according to the singer, is to know a sense of proportion in this matter.

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