5 Olympic Champion Exercises That Will Really Help You Lose Weight

5 Olympic Champion Exercises That Will Really Help You Lose Weight
5 Olympic Champion Exercises That Will Really Help You Lose Weight
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Rita Mamun / Photo: Kristina Podrezova - What is the secret of an ideal figure? It's simple - 13 years of training, choreography and physical training lessons every day. The period before the Olympics is at its peak - two workouts daily, each for 5-6 hours. Plus, of course, food - a lot depends on it. You can train as much as you want, but if you do not follow what you eat, you will not achieve the desired result. I faced this in 2015 - the loads were very serious, but for some reason I did not lose weight. Then I could have breakfast and then eat nothing all day. Naturally, the body put off "reserves", and where it is not needed. At the beginning of 2016, my trainer Amina Vasilovna Zaripova and I actively engaged in nutrition. It sounds strange, but the coach literally forced me to eat. She made sure that I did not miss meals - first breakfast, then a snack, then lunch, then another snack, then dinner and another small snack (three hours before bedtime, I did not eat). In addition, I drank a lot of water - at least one and a half liters a day. At first, of course, I was swollen, the body did not understand what was happening, but then it adapted and began to work normally. Now, after the Olympics, I still continue to follow this principle - I eat a little, but often.


My diet is mainly chicken breast, beef, turkey, fruits (I try to eat them in the morning), nuts, dried fruits, fresh vegetables and berries. Before going to bed, I can drink kefir or eat a light salad with arugula and tomatoes. And when I want something sweet, I eat fruits - nectarines, melons, cherries and cherries. At the same time, of course, I'm not perfect either - sometimes I can run into a cafe and buy myself a cake. However, I treat such impulses absolutely calmly - without remorse. - Before, I ate something sweet every day (for example, I could immediately eat a bar of chocolate). But for now, I would rather choose a large steak with grilled vegetables than chocolate. Photo: Christina Podrezova Ideal body, in principle, is possible only in conjunction with nutrition. When I exercised a lot, but at the same time ate all sorts of nonsense, my body was loose, untied. How can a girl at 16 or 17 have cellulite? Easy - how much chocolate and soda you can eat! When I started to follow the nutrition, the body became toned.

Previously, for example, every weekend was a nightmare for me - I realized that I would now eat something and tomorrow I would come to workout with two extra pounds. And since I did not want this at all, I simply did not eat. At all. But then, having switched to proper nutrition, I could even lose weight over the weekend. - You can put on one and a half to two kilograms and not feel it, but even a little extra weight creates an additional load on your knees and back. I remember the coaches in such cases let us hold a kilogram weight so that we could understand with what weight we train. Photo: Kristina Podrezova At the beginning of 2016, nothing worked for me - during the performances I lost objects, and this is the worst thing in our sport. To avoid such mistakes, you need every second concentration, which I just did not have enough. I rummaged in my head, studied books on psychology and at some point I caught myself thinking about some of my things after a page and I don't remember what I just read. The same thing happened at the performances - I was distracted and did everything automatically. But the specificity of our sport is such that an object can now fly to one place, and next time to another (the wind, the air conditioner is blowing, someone shouted from the stands - all factors must be taken into account), despite the fact that you always work with your hand the same way.You have to make a decision every second, and automatism will not help here.

Before the Olympics, I found suitable exercises for developing concentration and began to practice. For example, before going to bed, I tried not to think about anything. Literally about nothing. Such is the meditation. And before training, I took a regular stopwatch and for 90 seconds (this is how long our performance lasts) followed every movement of the second hand - making sure that not a single thought slipped through. It sounds easy, but in fact it is very difficult.

I trained, worked on concentration - and at the Olympics I did it.

Five exercises that helped Rita become an Olympic champion

Reverse bench push-ups

Photo: Christina Podrezova Photo: Christina Podrezova

Stand with your back to the bench. For push-ups, place your hands on the edge, grip slightly wider than your shoulders. Place your feet on your heels. Keep the body level.

Get down along the bench. Bend your elbows straight along the body, do not spread them to the sides. Lower yourself until the elbow is 90 degrees.

Lift up by contracting your triceps and straightening your arms.

Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Raising legs on a horizontal bench

Photo: Christina Podrezova Photo: Christina Podrezova

Lie on your back on the bench with your legs extended, arms along your body (for a stable position, you can hold onto the bench).

Raise your legs - keep them together, do not take your back off the bench. When the feet are parallel to the ceiling (remember to pull the toe), return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise 8 times.


Photo: Christina Podrezova Photo: Christina Podrezova Photo: Christina Podrezova Photo: Christina Podrezova Photo: Christina Podrezova

Lie on your back, arms spread apart. Fix your back so that your shoulder blades are on the floor.

Raise both legs slowly until your feet are parallel to the ceiling. Then begin to lower your legs just as slowly to the right (do not try to touch the floor at the same time - your legs should be on weight all the time).

Return to the starting position and do the same, but only to the left.

Repeat the exercise 8 times in each direction.


Photo: Christina Podrezova

The back is straight, the shoulder blades are brought together. The feet are exactly under the hips.

As you inhale, step forward with your right foot. Maintain a straight body, distribute body weight evenly between your feet. Get down straight down, transferring your body weight a little more to the leg in front.

The thigh of the right leg should be parallel to the floor, and the left knee should barely touch the floor. In the right knee, between the quadriceps and the torso, a 90-degree angle should form in the left knee.

Get off the heel in front of your standing foot without bending your body forward or helping your back leg. Do this exercise 10 times on each leg.


Photo: Christina Podrezova

Lie on your stomach with your arms and legs extended.

At the same time, raise your straight arms and legs a few centimeters and hold for five seconds. Lower slowly, then repeat 8 more times.

The lower your legs are in this exercise, the greater the load.

If you want to train under the guidance of Margarita and find out how she manages to look so cool, then this Saturday (August 19) come to the Museum of Russian Impressionism, where the Olympic champion will hold a training session and a sports public talk. You can find all the details HERE. Related articles Powerful fat burning workout that will help you lose weight Maria Paseka: how sports gymnasts train Svetlana Romashina: how five-time Olympic champion in synchronized swimming Anna Vyakhireva trains: how Olympic champion handball trains provided clothing.

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