Bochkareva At 40 Showed A Sexy Body

Bochkareva At 40 Showed A Sexy Body
Bochkareva At 40 Showed A Sexy Body

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Russian theater and film actress Natalya Bochkareva, whom many remember from the TV series "Happy Together," published a series of candid photos on her Instagram. It is noteworthy that in the comments to the pictures, the actress talks about female beauty and sexuality.

“August, you are as beautiful as possible! Don't go away! " - wrote 40-year-old Natalia under one of the pictures.

Bochkareva in a one-piece black swimsuit with a deep neckline and a miniature bikini, exposing the "juicy" buttocks of the actress, posing against the backdrop of summer landscapes. Natalia notes that in order to please other people, you need to love your body yourself.

“Love your body, treat it carefully and caringly, if you want to feel cheerful and energetic. But don't get hung up on that. If you are comfortable, light and comfortable in your own body - this is the most important thing! " - emphasized the actress.

10 Aug 2020 at 10:46 PDT

The curvy forms of 40-year-old Natalia Bochkareva were to the taste of the male part of her subscribers. Many users have recognized the actress as one of the most beautiful and sexy in Russian show business.

“Gena Bukin is biting his elbows,” the subscriber joked, recalling the role of Natalia in the TV series “Happy Together”.

"You are a sexy woman," the commentator writes.

“Natalia, you are the most beautiful,” the user noted.

Show business stars do not hesitate to post candid pictures on their social networks. Recently, the Ukrainian singer and soloist of the Vremya i Steklo group Nadia Dorofeeva in her Instagram decided to tease subscribers with nude photos.

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