The Power Of Attraction: Makeup That A Man Will Appreciate

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The Power Of Attraction: Makeup That A Man Will Appreciate
The Power Of Attraction: Makeup That A Man Will Appreciate

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Anonim will tell you what mistakes should be avoided when preparing for a date.


Preparing for a date, especially for the first one, a woman wants to make a big impression on her partner, but rarely what woman observes the measure, thereby leaving a man bewildered: “What's with her skin?”, “Why did she wrap her lips so unevenly?”, “How now find her eyes in these shadows? " We'll show you what to look for when creating makeup for a date.

Good manners

No matter how you try to hide serious skin problems, sooner or later the man of your dreams, whom you manage to seduce, will see you in a natural form. In addition, any man can see perfectly well when a woman has applied several layers of dense cream, which few people like. Instead of creating a mask from a foundation, focus on working out problems with your skin, as for the foundation, pay attention to BB creams that have caring properties, not just decorative ones.

Your goal is not to paint yourself a new face, but to achieve the effect of “your own skin, only better”. Believe me, a man will appreciate the freshness and naturalness of his makeup.

Eyes are the mirror of the soul

Probably, the most mistakes women make is in eye makeup. Trying to attract as much attention as possible, a woman does not skimp on dark shades, especially when it comes to creating a smokey. Make-up artists are sure that a beautiful "smokey" can be created either by a very experienced makeup lover or a professional make-up artist, if you have never tried this type of makeup, you should not darken your eyes before meeting a man. With inept shading, you will resemble any character in Tim Burton's films, and not a fatal beauty. Use a dark brown pencil, natural matte eyeshadows and mascara - this is enough to emphasize the beauty of the eyes and not overdo it.

"Sweet Lips

Most women, when it comes to preparing for a date, either abandon lip makeup altogether, or stop at the classic - a juicy, red shade. But when choosing a scarlet shade, be careful - this is a whole art. If you are not confident in your abilities, and there is very little time left to paint over your lips, it is best to use a lipstick that will be close in shade to your lips.

There is no need to leave your lips intact, men are fascinated by the beautifully accentuated lips of their chosen one.

Broken eyebrow

As make-up artists rightly believe, improperly shaped eyebrows can ruin any professional make-up. Since the fashion for eyebrows changes at the speed of light, choose eyebrows according to the type of face, for this purpose it is best to contact your beautician who will tell you which shape is ideal. If there is not much time before the date, do not sit down to draw the eyebrows again, just slightly emphasize the bend without rigid drawing.

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