From Simpletons To Angels: What Victoria's Secret Stars Were Like In Their Youth

From Simpletons To Angels: What Victoria's Secret Stars Were Like In Their Youth
From Simpletons To Angels: What Victoria's Secret Stars Were Like In Their Youth

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Angels "Victoria Secret" in childhood: Bella Hadid


Bella appeared on the catwalk as a teenager, along with her mother Yolanda Hadid, a former model and TV presenter. Then the girl was an "ugly duckling" - by her own admission, she had complexes because of her appearance and excess weight.

Hadid was drawn to the podium after the success of his sister Gigi - and had to pay for the "angelic" appearance. According to the calculations of plastic surgeons, at least 4 million: Bella has changed the shape of her eyes, the shape of her eyebrows, her nose, teenage cheeks and nasolabial folds have disappeared. The very model of suspicion ignores with the words: “What are you, I'm even afraid of fillers. I don't want to ruin my face!"

Angels "Victoria Secret" in childhood: Alessandra Ambrosio

The Brazilian diva cannot be called ugly, but it is impossible to see a future star in a diamond bra in a round teenager. Alessandra herself was sure from childhood that she would become a model.

I had to fight for a place in the fashion industry. Back at school, Ambrosio underwent an operation to correct her ears - it seemed to her that they were too protruding. The plastic surgery was unsuccessful, the whole year following the intervention, the Brazilian woman underwent new operations. At the age of 14, the brunette failed in a modeling competition - and again did not give up, making her way a year later to Dylan Stein's agency. By 2000, Alessandra finally got a contract with Victoria's Secret.

Angels "Victoria Secret" as a child: Kendall Jenner

Right - Model of the Year 2016 by, “Icon of the Decade” and Highest Paid Model with $ 22M in 2017. Left - it is a little over ten years ago.

As a teenager, Kendall, a girl with problem skin and a boyish figure, envied her sisters: “They had breasts, but I didn’t. As a child, I was the smallest and always thought: 'Oh no, I have to be as sexy as they are.' The time when Jenner did not even want to leave the house because of complexes is over - now girls around the world show her photos to surgeons and cosmetologists with the words: "I want it the same way!"

Childhood Victoria Secret Angels: Candice Swanepoel

A farm in South Africa, an interest in ballet, a small circle of friends - that was Candice's childhood, until at the age of 15 she was noticed at a flea market by an employee of a large agency. We suspect that the scout was attracted by the piercing eyes of Swanepoel - nothing but the girl did not stand out among other teenagers.

Stylists and cosmetologists brought her appearance to the ideal: radiant skin, plump lips, light curls - a real angel. “At that time I didn’t think that I would shoot so much for Victoria’s Secret or someday become an“angel”, but that was already my dream back then,” Candace said at the beginning of her career. And already in 2013, she opened a show at Fantasy Bra for $ 10 million.

Angels "Victoria Secret" in childhood: Elsa Hosk

There are a lot of nude pictures on Instagram of an angel, but there are almost no children's shots. In rare youthful photographs, Elsa with braces looks like a cute girl from a neighboring yard, which Hosk was: she studied at school, was fond of basketball.

Only the father of the blonde saw his adored daughter not as an athlete, but as a heroine of shows and covers - at the age of 14 he won the attention of scouts to Elsa. Traveling and filming began, which influenced the girl badly - she was fond of alcohol. Fortunately, by the age of 20, she stopped drinking, and soon her career went up - in 2015, Hosk became a Victoria's Secret angel.

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