Chrissy Teigen Has Parted Ways With Her Breast Implants

Chrissy Teigen Has Parted Ways With Her Breast Implants
Chrissy Teigen Has Parted Ways With Her Breast Implants

Video: Chrissy Teigen Has Parted Ways With Her Breast Implants

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Video: Why Chrissy Teigen Is Removing Her Breast Implants 2023, January

Almost fourteen years ago, Teigen underwent breast augmentation surgery, and after more than a decade with it, she decided it was time to return to the natural state of her chest. On her Instagram account, she wrote: “All these years they served me faithfully, but now I just outgrew it. And I really want to get back the opportunity to button up a dress of my size, to lie comfortably on my stomach. No big breasts!”.


The TV presenter told in more detail why she still decided to remove the implants after so many years. She considered this opportunity for the further possibility of having more children. “I got myself breasts when I was twenty. I mainly worked as a model, and I wanted her to look firm when I put on a swimsuit. And then, when you have children, your breast fills with milk, and that's when troubles begin. " After the final decision on the operation, many celebrities supported her, including model Naomi Campbell.

Teigen has two young children whom she is raising with her musician husband John Legend: 4-year-old daughter Luna and 2-year-old son Miles. At the end of last week, after a successful operation, she shared on social networks cute notes from her daughter, which she wrote in support of her mother. One of them read: “Bye boobies” (English “Bye-bye, sisi” - editor's note), the other: “Have fun pulling your boobies out. Love Luna”(English“Have a good time there, pulling out your tits”- editor's note). The model said that, despite the painful postoperative sensations, she seemed to feel better “at least half a minute for sure”. She also posted a video of her little son talking on camera that he misses her.

In addition to the closest ones, the model was enchantingly congratulated by friends, who presented her with a very eccentric cake with a tombstone for the "departed" implants. Teigen showed him in her Instagram stories.

Chrissy Teigen is not the first to have such an operation to reduce a part of the body. If earlier this topic was somewhat taboo, now, thanks to changes in society, the most daring stars are brave and tell the truth about their experience of plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures. Below are some of them.

1. Yolanda Hadid

About two years ago, the former supermodel admitted that all beauty procedures and operations over the years have left their mark, and as a result, they have affected her health. Hadid decided not only to stop the usual use of fillers and many similar things, but also to remove breast implants and screeds.

2. Chris Jenner

Large breasts can certainly be a source of problems and cause physical and psychological discomfort. Every woman has her own reasons for having surgery. For example, the head of one of the most talked about families on the planet spent thirty years with breast implants, and in 2015 she decided on breast reduction when the implants had an expiration date.

3. Angelina Jolie

Jolie did not agree to the operation for aesthetic reasons. In 2013, the famous actress decided on a mastectomy - removal of the breast (mammary glands) in order to avoid the high probability of developing breast cancer. Then she decided to write a whole column in The New York Times entitled "My Choice." Last year, The Times magazine published a candid article by Angelina, in which she spoke about her experiences, her mother and grandmother's cancer struggle, and how she herself made the decision in favor of the operation.

4. Pamela Anderson

If most women are unhappy with their small breast size and want to enlarge it, in the case of Pamela Anderson, the opposite is true. The actress did not like at all that her breasts were too big. In 1999, she happily underwent breast reduction surgery, after saying: "I thought they looked so bad, so I was absolutely sure of my decision."

5. Ekaterina Barnabas

In May of this year, Ekaterina spoke about two breast reduction surgeries that she had undergone. She made one of them in the USA, the other - in Russia because of a carelessly executed seam during the first. Already at the age of 16, the TV presenter had a sixth size, with which it was very problematic to live. In addition to the practical goals that guided the actress in the first place, the aesthetic component was no less important for her.

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