Svetlana Khodchenkova Shared A Photo Without Makeup

Svetlana Khodchenkova Shared A Photo Without Makeup
Svetlana Khodchenkova Shared A Photo Without Makeup

Video: Svetlana Khodchenkova Shared A Photo Without Makeup

Video: Светлана Ходченкова о режиме самоизоляции, любимых сериалах и творческих планах | Vogue Россия 2022, December

The 35-year-old actress looks like a young girl.


One of the most luxurious actresses and recognized beauties of Russian cinema, Svetlana Khodchenkova, does not indulge her fans with photos on her Instagram page. If he does post a picture, then it will surely cause a storm of emotions among subscribers and become a subject for discussion. So the new photo from the shooting also caused a stir. Khodchenkova appeared before the followers without makeup, which delighted them.

“You don't need many words, because this splendor cannot be expressed. Chic "," You can't take your eyes off. Favorite actress. The most beautiful eyes and a smile”,“18-year-old girl”.

To the message of one of the subscribers: “You are beautiful! Absolutely without makeup!”, The star replied with a smiley.

There are even those who creatively approached commenting and even dedicated poems to Svetlana.

"Only, Sveta, you charmed me / Femininity, gentle simplicity / Only you bewitched me / Unreal, light beauty"

Rumor has it that the reason for the shining eyes of the actress is falling in love. The star herself in one and the programs hinted that her heart is busy. “This is love, and it is mutual and lasting for many years,” Khodchenkova said. However, who took possession of her heart is unknown.

To shine on the red carpet and on the screens, the artist looks after herself. The most important thing in her beauty arsenal is a moisturizer, hair balm and a colorless lip balm.

The artist also believes that beauty comes from within, so she tries to drink warm water with lemon as much as possible and eat right. The beauty excluded all flour, salty, sweet and fried foods. She prefers steamed dishes.

Recall that after the film by Stanislav Govorukhin "Bless the Woman" Svetlana has enchantingly lost almost 20 kilograms. And, I must say, she never got better.

"I can only imitate love and hysteria": Khodchenkova about herself and love

Khodchenkova is not shy about showing pictures without makeup

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