The Truth About Vaginas. Male Point Of View

The Truth About Vaginas. Male Point Of View
The Truth About Vaginas. Male Point Of View

Video: The Truth About Vaginas. Male Point Of View

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Men can tell about vaginas as much as girls can tell about dicks. The most common types of female charms. Male point of view about vaginas and their pretty mistresses. Just as there are no two people with identical fingerprints, there are no two identical vaginas. And the guys are well aware of this. Unfortunately, women are often left in the dark. Girls do not even suspect what men say about female charms. The only thing women could hear were phrases like "she's too wide" or "very tight." In fact, representatives of the stronger sex can tell about vaginas no less than girls - about their masculinity. After talking with several guys in their twenties and studying men's blogs, we learned about the eight most common types of the most intimate part of the female body.


Eight types of female charms that men most often talk about.

Types and types of female vaginas

1. Tight vagina

The owners of this type of vagina can be fragile, petite girls. This type of vagina is narrower and tighter than others. Its advantage is that it provides a tighter girth. This allows men to experience extraordinarily vivid sensations.

Male gaze: Tight entry leads to more intense stimulation and superior sex. Despite this, contact of the most sensitive part of the male body with a too dense surface can cause a little discomfort.

2. Full lips

Girls who are of this type have more voluminous labia than others. Their lips are so defiant that they often become the cause of close attention from the opposite sex. Men find them pretty damn attractive.

Male gaze: according to the guys, there are a lot of lovers of full lips among the male population. We have learned from our sources that men find them very attractive. They claim that such lips are softer than others. In addition, they are easy to find by touch. Not to mention, men are incredibly turned on by touching them with their lips.

3. Shaved pubis

Such girls attach more importance to the fact that the most delicate part of their body is clean-shaven and always looks flawless. However, sometimes they face some difficulties, one of which is irritation.

Male gaze: Of course, guys like girls who make sure that their pubis is always in perfect condition. However, these girls are often annoyed by ingrown hairs and irritation. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid these unpleasant moments. Waxing or using special shaving products can help reduce discomfort.

4. "The expert's vagina"

This type includes women whose vagina reveals their extensive experience in the sexual sphere. At least some men think so. In fact, the vagina expands during arousal.

Male gaze: Guys like to pretend they like easy penetration. But in fact, they are worried that the size of their manhood is not large enough to please a girl with a wide vagina. This can seriously hurt their egos. To avoid such problems, the girl needs to remind the man more often of what a wonderful lover he is. 5. "Leathery" vagina

What is it? A characteristic feature of this type of vagina is the large amount of skin around it.

Male gaze: There is a common misconception that this type of vagina looks neglected, old and “tired”. Fortunately, most men don't mind having a lot of skin in their intimate area, so there is nothing to worry about.

6. 70s style pubis

Shaving the intimate area is not a priority for this type of girl. They love comfort and relaxation without bothering about their intimate hairstyle.

Male gaze: In most cases, guys don't find unshaven pubes a big problem. Therefore, you can leave everything as it is. But keep in mind that it is difficult to find the "island of pleasure" while making your way through the "jungle".

7. Virgin vagina

What is it? Your body is very elastic. And the most intimate part of it is no exception. This type of vagina is so narrow that its walls can be tightly closed.

Male gaze: If you are fortunate enough to be the owner of this type of vagina, then know that men give it the highest rating. Tighter entry leads to more intense sensations. In addition, with such girls guys feel more confident. After all, they do not have to worry about their own size - it seems to them that such a vagina was created especially for them. 8. Big clitoris

Women of this type know how to get their partner - they have everything at a glance. Their clitoris peeks out temptingly, driving men crazy.

Male look: Most guys love clit play. They also find that girls of this type tend to have more intense orgasms. And this, in turn, flatters male pride.

Remember that the vagina can be any shape or size. There is no such thing as a perfect vagina. A man who really cares about a girl will love no matter what type of vagina he is lucky enough to have. It is important to be able to accept your body as it is. After all, it is a unique asset that makes people unique.

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