How The Pandemic Has Affected The Beauty Industry

How The Pandemic Has Affected The Beauty Industry
How The Pandemic Has Affected The Beauty Industry

Video: How The Pandemic Has Affected The Beauty Industry

Video: How The Pandemic Has Changed The Beauty Industry | TODAY 2022, December

Plastic surgeon from London Lucy Glancy noted that after self-isolation, people have more complexes about their face. Vecherka learned how the pandemic affected the beauty industry.


According to Lucy Glancy, after the quarantine, patients began to turn more to specialists in order to correct the oval of the face. This is due to the fact that people often looked at themselves during video conferences at a distance and noticed sagging skin and double chins. Although, perhaps, the matter is not at all in the shortcomings, but in the peculiarities of the lighting, the unsuccessful angle.

According to clinical psychologist Evgenia Lyutova, such a desire to correct their appearance after quarantine is not surprising.

- In the West, this trend was noted even before the pandemic. To look their best in selfies, people turned to plastic surgeons and corrected their appearance. And during the pandemic, many gained extra pounds, their complexion deteriorated. From a long stay at home, people began to find a problem where it does not exist, - said Evgenia Lyutova.

But changing your appearance with the help of operations is ineffective, because patients of plastic surgeons can correct their appearance, but not their lifestyle, which leads to negative consequences.

Karen Paytyan, a plastic surgeon from the capital, also commented on the situation in Vecherka. He disagrees with his London colleagues.

- All over the world, plastic surgeons record clients for six months in advance. Now those who planned to have an operation before the pandemic come to me. Therefore, it is still very difficult to track how quarantine has affected demand, Paityan said.


In Brazil, plastic surgery is commonplace. For graduation, parents can give their daughter breast surgery.

In Japan, many people dream of big eyes and a small nose. Therefore, surgeons are asked to do rhinoplasty and reshape the eyelids.

The third place in the popularity of plastic is in the United States. Most often, liposuction and breast augmentation are performed there.

Lift your eyelids and pull your cheeks in

Plastic surgeons around the world have noted that the demand for some surgeries has increased significantly due to quarantine measures. Vecherka learned what trends the pandemic has created.

Breast augmentation

The most popular operation is mammoplasty. Every second girl is unhappy with the size, and sometimes with the shape of her breasts. Many decided to take advantage of the pandemic and managed to do the procedure before the official closure of plastic surgery clinics. After mammoplasty, you cannot play sports, drive a car or do anything at all.


This is the second most popular procedure. Many have gained extra pounds and now want to get rid of them quickly. Liposuction is performed to remove fat deposits from the abdomen, thighs, arms, back, and legs.

Face lift

This technique supposedly creates a new contour and a youthful oval of the face by removing excess skin, redistributing fat deposits and fixing the muscles of the face. Surgeons assure: the neck and cheeks become taut, the cheekbones and chin will sharpen. It is necessary to be very careful in choosing a surgeon, otherwise they will be overwhelmed by the full program.


The fact that with age the eyes and eyelids are not the same, many women experience. And surgeons offer lifting of the upper and lower eyelids, removal of excess skin. Bags under the eyes are also promised to be removed.

Removal of lumps of Bisha

The stars love a skinny face and take away the cheeks that make the face naturally round. And the women reached out in a row to remove the terrible lumps of Bish to make their faces chiseled and show their sharp cheekbones.

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