Friends Of Flacon Magazine On What To Make On New Year's Eve

Beauty 2023
Friends Of Flacon Magazine On What To Make On New Year's Eve
Friends Of Flacon Magazine On What To Make On New Year's Eve

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It was a difficult year. What lies ahead is unknown. Of the constants, only you. Take good care of yourself in the new year and accept beauty wishes from our friends.

Ksenia Shipilova, founder of Aesthetiks Beauty Group and Keep Looking salon chain, beauty mentor @shipilovaks

I wish to pamper myself more often with facial and body treatments and beauty jars that make the skin glowing, soft and pleasantly scented - one that you want to touch.

Gosha Kartsev

stylist, blogger, head of the online school School Gosh @goshakartsev

I want everyone to think about caring for their skin next year. For example, I discovered hardware cosmetology and I am incredible at it. In general, do what you want - we live once! If you like to paint - paint, if you do not like it - do not paint. The main thing is that you are safe and healthy.

Maria KAKDELA, journalist, founder of the KAKDELA Live Communications Club @mariakakdela

Be open! For new knowledge, experiments and experience, joy. Explore, make pleasant discoveries in the field of beauty as well. Taking care of skin health is on trend in 2021. I propose to focus not on masking imperfections, but on comprehensive self-care: establish nutrition, choose the right care, and reduce sources of stress.

For inspiration, I share the products that impressed me this year and which I will take in the next: UFO 2 smart mask, Foreo, Origins serums and peels, gloss and other Buxom makeup products, such as Pillow Pout Creamy Plumping Lip Powder, BronzeGlow safe tan and scalp cleansing shampoo DSD De Luxe 1.1.

Samira Mustafayeva, medalist of the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championship, founder of the SMstretching fitness studio network and Project By SMstretching @samira__mustafaeva

May 2021 be your year of self-love. Listen to yourself and your body more often, keep your body in good shape and take care of your health.

Mirèle, singer @fraukrauze

I wish that in the new year there were only glitter tears!

Anastasia Dubinskaya, specialist in neuromuscular rehabilitation of the face, founder and head of the Revitonika school of natural rejuvenation

We are unlikely to miss 2020. The year was unambiguously ambiguous - there is no other way to put it. There was enough of all the news, at times it was very difficult, but looking back, I understand: how many good things happened during those 366 days! We have learned to appreciate what is really important: health, time spent with loved ones, simple hugs and kisses, walks in the fresh air, after all! And I wish that this, truly dear and valuable, will be many times more in the next year. I wish you to always give beauty - to yourself, to your loved ones, to the world. After all, sports, neck gymnastics, self-massage and personal care are not just a way to get rid of wrinkles and swelling, stretch your muscles and lose weight. Exercising, you bloom, give yourself youth, pleasure and energy, and the world around you blooms with you.

And win. Everyday. Laziness and apathy, dissatisfaction with oneself and others. Indeed, despite all the circumstances around, a lot in our life depends only on us.

Margarita Mamun, Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics @ritamamun

I would like to wish everyone to be healthy and happy in the coming year. After all, it is a healthy and happy person who is undoubtedly the most beautiful. It glows from the inside and outside. Do not forget to take care of yourself, do not forget to take time for yourself, do not forget about the little things that make up happiness.

Maria Command, TV presenter, sports journalist, author of the podcast "In short" and the telegram channel "Lipstick That Needed" @komandnaya

There was a lot of shit in 2020, but there was a lot of good too! For me, this is the year in which for the first time and to the fullest I realized what it really means to take care of yourself, your body and body.This is the year in which the whole world was forced to put on the brakes and take the time to look around. And it turned out that sometimes it is very useful. If in the new year you want the same calm pace, allow yourself. And if you want to run, run! But only consciously - so as not to fly off the track.

And one more wish of mine. This year, due to the dollar exchange rate, the price of many of the goods that we love have grown significantly. So, I wish you always had something to buy your favorite lipstick, the coolest shadows and magic mascara!

Sabrina Bagirova, singer @ sabrina.bagirova

2020 is undoubtedly a strict teacher: persistently and energetically he forced everyone to be alone with themselves. It was a good time to get to know yourself, to recognize your problems and turn them into tasks. In 2021, I wish every person on Earth to know the happiness of love, and, as a rule, this process begins with oneself: loving oneself is the most difficult thing. But it’s an interesting journey that is worth and should be started. Start with body, skin, hair care. Why from them? We use the body, not really thinking about the fact that it carries us around this world every day and in any weather. How much time do we devote to him? How well do we do it? Are we doing this for the sake of trends or to delight ourselves? Love every inch of yourself!

Victor Vilisov, AR artist, theater curator @paragvaev

I wish that everyone - just as honestly as possible in front of themselves - had the strength to reinvent an updated version of themselves and come into closer synchronization with the time around. Well, it seems to me that this is most likely possible through love, of course.

Anna Romanovskaya, lead singer of the group Cream Soda @annaromemusic

I want to wish everyone who reads this to love and respect themselves and their body, learn to listen to it and take care of it properly. Do not forget that beauty is work first of all from the inside and only then from the outside.]]>

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