Tatyana Vasilyeva: We Must Keep Up With The Times

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Tatyana Vasilyeva: We Must Keep Up With The Times
Tatyana Vasilyeva: We Must Keep Up With The Times

Video: Tatyana Vasilyeva: We Must Keep Up With The Times

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Frank, brave, talented, loved by the audience. Actress Tatiana Vasilyeva. When she comes to Riga on tour, the hall is full! Full house! Viewers know that they are in a good mood! And an interview with Tatyana Vasilyeva always turns out to be interesting.

-Tatiana, you are always inimitable and frank. Many actresses prefer not to talk about, for example, going to a beautician or about their personal life. But you speak about it openly. Why?

- Apparently, because I don't consider it necessary to hide some things. My profession is public and specific. I understand it. It's important to be an interesting woman! I think so. Sometimes, when, for example, I'm on the subway, I look at women of my age and think. I look good! You know, I don’t think that women will not have time to go to a beautician or to have “beauty injections”. Apparently there is no such need

-Or money

-So buy fewer wieners or sausages! You can save up.

-Do you have your own "rules, secrets" of beauty?

-What are the rules here? They have long been known to everyone: there is not much, sports, discipline. You know, I don't have a lot of food in the fridge. Buckwheat and kefir are enough for me. But I need a treadmill. Every day I run on it for an hour. We need energy! I need energy!

- You frankly posted a photo from a cosmetic table on social networks. Do you think you should be so frank?

-And I do all sorts of fashionable procedures, I go to the beautician. I installed the threads a couple of years ago (cosmetic facial procedure), increased my lips a little. There is nothing secret here. We need to keep up with the times!

-Besides the treadmill, what is the secret of your life energy?

-In my loved ones, of course. First of all, I am a mother, and only then an actress. Everything I do, I do for my loved ones - children, grandchildren. And for this I need energy. I spend all my free time with my children and grandchildren. They give me strength.

-Thanks for the conversation.

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