L'OFFICIEL Lunch At The Golden Mask Festival

L'OFFICIEL Lunch At The Golden Mask Festival
L'OFFICIEL Lunch At The Golden Mask Festival

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Moscow, April 9 - L'OFFICIEL magazine hosted a lunch at the La Prima restaurant as part of the Golden Mask theater festival with the support of the Sir Thomas Lipton brand. The guests of the evening were actors and actresses, nominees for the "Golden Mask", as well as theater representatives.

L'OFFICIEL loves theater, and there are many reasons for that. On the stage, the history of the country is recorded, fashion trends are reflected, new images are born and new stars are lit up.

For the three and a half years that the team headed by Ksenia Sobchak has been working on the magazine, almost all young and talented actors have visited L'OFFICIEL, and we have long wanted to say our gratitude to them for their work. But even more, we wanted to emphasize the connection between generations, to show that the young and the early are students and followers of the stars of the older generation, to whom the magazine is simply obliged to express its love and respect.

For all of them - young and luminaries - within the framework of the Golden Mask theater festival on April 9, L'OFFICIEL held a gala dinner with live music performed by the Ibsen Band, a jazz band of the immersive performance Returns, a Golden Mask nominee, and Jan Ge, the actress of the Gogol Center, the finalist of the sixth season of the show "The Voice", as well as Shakespeare's poetry performed by Kirill Chernyshenko and the friendly atmosphere of the La Prima restaurant.

The guests were greeted by the First Vice President of ACMG Antonio Alizzi, General Director of the Golden Mask Theater Festival Maria Revyakina and Deputy Chief Editor of L'Officiel Maxim Andriyanov.


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The dinner party ended with a tea party, during which guests were able to taste the exquisite collection of Sir Thomas Lipton tea, a high quality hand-picked tea with excellent taste from the best plantations in the world of Indonesia, Kenya and Sri Lanka. The tea collection embodies many years of accumulated experience in the manual collection and blending of tea by Sir Thomas Lipton himself, since 1890.

The event was attended by: Maxim Matveev, Irina Apeksimova, Alla Sigalova, Yulia Khlynina and Egor Koreshkov, Gladstone Mahib, Maria Mironova, Andrey Udalov, Evgeny Sangadzhiev, Vladislav Lantratov and Maria Alexandrova and others.

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