Famous Men Who Have Used The Services Of Plastic Surgeons

Famous Men Who Have Used The Services Of Plastic Surgeons
Famous Men Who Have Used The Services Of Plastic Surgeons

Video: Famous Men Who Have Used The Services Of Plastic Surgeons

Video: Who Has the Best Celebrity Plastic Surgery? And What Can You Learn From Them? - Dr. Anthony Youn 2022, November

Women are called the fair sex because the desire for the ideal of beauty is in their blood. But the desire to become better, it turns out, is inherent in some men. This is especially true for celebrities.


Hollywood handsome George Clooney

It would seem that handsome Clooney, a famous Hollywood actor with a radiant smile and seductive sparkles in his eyes, definitely does not need any "upgrade" to improve his appearance. George himself, apparently, thought differently when he did blepharoplasty (removed wrinkles around the eyes), and also artificially smoothed his forehead. It turned out spectacularly, so we can say that the actor achieved what he wanted and began to look younger.

Film actor Sylvester Stallone

Hollywood "Rambo" Sly Stallone, like an expensive wine, only grows prettier over the years. The secret of this is that he periodically falls under the knife of a plastic surgeon, who removes age-related changes from his face. True, evil tongues say that Sylvester now looks more like a wax statue than a living person, but most likely such gossip is nothing more than an attempt to denigrate the movie hero.

Actor Tom Cruise

The favorite of many women and the object of envy of men - Tom Cruise also did not hesitate to use the possibilities of modern plastic surgery. He removed bags under the eyes and visibly reduced the number of wrinkles in the upper part of the face. I must say, this made it even more effective than before, and the result, as they say, is obvious.

Singer Valery Leontiev

A favorite of women of all ages, Valery Leontyev, does not hide the fact that he maintains youth and beauty not only with the help of cosmetics, but also with more cardinal, operational means. His name is a pioneer in terms of plasticity among Russian stars. In addition to rejuvenation, Leontyev gave his face expressiveness, making his cheekbones more clearly defined and embossed.

Host and humorist Alexander Maslyakov

Like Leontyev, this famous man risked going under the surgeon's knife in order to become younger and more beautiful. He corrected the noticeably sagging oval of the face and did an eyelid lift. Now Maslyakov looks like this for 10 years younger than his age, but this only plays into his hands, because appearance is a visiting card of modern stars.

Despite the fact that any plastic surgery is a risk, today more and more famous personalities decide on such a cardinal way to improve themselves. And I must say, it gives its results.

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