How To Look At 50 At 20: 9 Rules From Modern "Dorian Gray"

How To Look At 50 At 20: 9 Rules From Modern "Dorian Gray"
How To Look At 50 At 20: 9 Rules From Modern "Dorian Gray"

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Chuando Tan is a modern man-legend: he is famous for the fact that at 53 he looks better than other 20-year-olds. Look at the pictures of this photographer from Singapore - and you will probably also think that it was not without some special secrets. How is this even possible?


9 rules of how to look young and fit even in the sixth decade.

1. Ice cream is allowed, but only in the morning

Tan admits that she adores this delicacy - but allows himself infrequently and only before lunch, in order to have time to burn the calories received until the evening.

2. Breakfast can be six eggs

At the same time, there are only two yolks to prevent too much cholesterol. Sometimes Tang drinks a glass of milk and eats an avocado with berries instead.

3. Simple and light meals throughout the day

For lunch, a Singaporean can have chicken, rice, grilled vegetables, or fish soup. Each meal is accompanied by a large portion of fresh salad with herbs.

4. No bad habits

The photographer does not consume any alcohol and does not smoke, eats only greens for dinner, tries to avoid negative emotions and meditates before going to bed, instead of flipping through a friend's feed on social networks.

5. Strength training - 4 times a week, swimming - daily

In order to maintain his body in such a luxurious shape, Tan works out for an hour and a half on simulators 3-4 times a week and daily in the evenings he actively swims in the pool for an hour.

6. Does what he loves

Tan is convinced that in order to preserve youth, you need to do only what really brings pleasure. In his youth, he dabbled in pop music and in the modeling business, but only truly became happy when working as a photographer.

7. Goes to bed until 23:00 and sleeps for at least 7 hours

Yes, we all know that sleep deprivation is bad for appearance - and this man, by a willful effort, sends himself to bed until 23:00 and tries to get enough sleep, even if his work schedule is very busy. What other arguments for normal sleep do we need?

8. Does not use cosmetics and plastic surgery

Tan says that he uses only two cosmetics - a foam for washing and a cream to moisturize the skin. He didn’t like Botox, but he’s afraid of plastic surgery. Hair, however, tints - with tinting ammonia-free paint.

9. Takes cool, short showers in the evening and avoids hot baths

It is clear that a person who swims for an hour in the pool simply does not need a hot bath. On the other hand, after all, no one bothers any of us to try to do the same - what if it will lead to the same luxurious result?

Do you think Tan is not cunning when he says that his secrets are sports and a healthy lifestyle? Or do you think that plastic surgery has obviously not been done there?

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