Pelageya Staged A Show On Air "Guess The Melody"

Pelageya Staged A Show On Air "Guess The Melody"
Pelageya Staged A Show On Air "Guess The Melody"

Video: Pelageya Staged A Show On Air "Guess The Melody"

Video: Пелагея — Есаул. Репетиция ("Новая волна 2021") 2022, December

Singer Pelageya performed a fiery dance on the “Guess the Melody” show on Channel One. The girl decided to dance to a selection of melodies that she had to guess according to the rules of the show.


Pelageya posted an excerpt from her spontaneous performance on the show on social media. According to her, Alla Mikheeva and Alla Sigalova also participated in the program. In the video, the star appeared in a black strict suit, the conservatism of which was somewhat diluted with a vest-top with a deep neckline.

For the new airing, Pelageya opted for a Hollywood-style hairstyle that was in vogue among American actresses in the 1950s. The artist complemented the image with bright makeup with an accent on red lips.

"Another surprise from Paulie, for a festive mood. Don't miss it, it will be fun!" - the star signed the publication.

“Fields - you are incomparable! Gorgeous dancing is a new style of dancing,”write the devoted fans. “God, how does this look suit you… A la Marilyn Monroe Jacket dress, suits… Just look gorgeous! QUEEN! Never doubt yourself! There should only be a king next to you! " - admires Pelageya's admirer.

But among the commentators there were those who did not like the artist's show. Some even complained about other participants in the program, who too often began to flicker on the air and were already tired of everyone.

“Yes, horror. Hands like a dwarf. Hair, hairstyle of the cashier. Stylists, ay! " - the commentator writes. “Fu, damn it, Mikheeva pisses me off. Already everywhere,”complains another.

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