Editorial Test: 10 Types Of Women's Pedicure And 1 Men's. Which One Do We Remember The Most?

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Editorial Test: 10 Types Of Women's Pedicure And 1 Men's. Which One Do We Remember The Most?
Editorial Test: 10 Types Of Women's Pedicure And 1 Men's. Which One Do We Remember The Most?

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Where can you get the perfect pedicure without pain, cuts or other hassles? We went to 11 beauty salons and found among them those where we will definitely return more than once?

Alina Grigalashvili, lifestyle editor

Location: Brow & beauty Bar

Address: Bolshaya Dmitrovka, 16 building 1, (495) 230-17-16

Type of pedicure: combined (2900 rubles)

“Firstly, a very sensitive master worked with me. Secondly, for pedicure here, as it should be everywhere, a special (and very cozy) room is separated. And thirdly, I received an excellent treatment of my feet without pain and discomfort and a beautiful coverage. In general, almost two weeks have passed, and everything is holding up perfectly."

Ekaterina Shkulipa, fashion editor

Place: Daviani Salon

Address: Trubnaya pl., 2, (999) 888-88-82

Pedicure type: anhydrous MAVEX Callus Peeling (6055 rub.)

“The first stage is the removal of dead skin cells with the help of KART cosmetics based on fruit acids (they delicately remove dead cells and activate the renewal of new ones). The second part is covering. The varnish was applied in one layer, unlike other salons, where they make two, or even three. This pleasantly surprised and delighted me, because even after two weeks my pedicure looks flawless. By the way, for those who do not like to spend their only day off moving from salon to salon, Daviani has a special offer - you can do eyebrow shaping, manicure, hair coloring and even massage at the same time as a pedicure."

Anna Baloyan, senior editor of the news department

Location: EpilCity Cosmetology and Hair Removal Center

Address: Orlikov per. 6, (495) 721-84-24

Type of pedicure: hardware, with shellac coating (2100 rubles)

“I must admit that the procedure was not without incident. Please, pedicurists, never spray alcohol on an open wound! Mine did just that. And my eyes almost popped out of their sockets. Not only that, before that, she walked through my sore spots with a typewriter and removed too much skin from them. In general, I am not happy with the treatment of feet. However, I want to note that the shellac coating was done for me flawlessly - almost two weeks have passed, and I have not cracked or chipped off."

Angelica Purtova, producer

Location: Clinic "Millefeuille"

Address: st. 3rd Frunzenskaya, 19, (495) 104-64-25

Type of pedicure: classic with a curative coating (4800 rub.)

“My master worked carefully, all the instruments were sterile (which I emphasized) and was as attentive to me as possible (after all, I came for a pedicure after a foot injury). Another pleasant moment is coffee, it is surprisingly tasty and aromatic here. In general, the impressions of the time spent in the salon are extremely positive. I liked both the process and the result. After the foot treatment procedure, they covered them with medicated varnish, and I continued my day full of energy. There would be more such salons and craftsmen in Moscow!"

Victoria Tanes, gossip editor

Location: Salon Pigment Club

Address: Dukhovskoy per., 17, (494) 008-22-03

Pedicure type: classic, varnished

“I went to test the pedicure in the cozy salon of the Pigment Club. It is quite small, one might even say tiny, but here it is very light and clean! My master quickly gave me a classic pedicure with light foot treatment. It's nice that during the procedure she talked about how to properly care for your nails and what is important to do so that there is no fungus and other troubles. It's been two weeks now, and despite the fact that I asked for a regular polish, the pedicure still looks great and the polish hasn't worn off at all."

Konstantin Koshkin, stylist

Location: Chavana Spa Salon

Address: Leningradskoe sh., 39, building 1, (495) 212-20-60

Type of pedicure: spa pedicure (3300 rub.)

“It was my first pedicure in my life.Of course, I was afraid, especially since I had heard about unsuccessful trips to the would-be nail service masters. So I was very careful! But Chavana Spa has such an endearing staff! And there is also very pleasant music and a relaxing atmosphere. I did a pedicure for almost an hour: they treated my nails, heels and completely my feet and did a great massage! I decided to abandon the bright coating, settled on a colorless one and I am very pleased with the result! Now I boldly wear open shoes. And by the way, all young people need to do a pedicure! It's so cool!"

Marina Kharlamova, beauty editor

Place: "Sensavi" salon

Address: Komsomolsky pr., 32, building 2, (495) 228-80-80

Type of pedicure: hardware, with a paraffin mask (3000 rubles)

“It's always nice when you come for a pedicure and they tell you that your feet are in excellent condition. And the mood rises, and in general you feel great. However, my master Elena not only praised me, but also did her job perfectly. She delicately treated my feet with the apparatus (I am always very ticklish), then made a paraffin mask and finished everything with a long-lasting shellac coating. In one word - delight!"

Olga Kirdyaeva, Head of Document Management Department

Place: beauty studio Briget

Address: Khamovnicheskiy Val st., 16, (499) 242-37-71

Type of pedicure: hardware, with a medical coating (3200 rubles)

“My master, Marina, is a pleasant and very attentive girl. She changes attachments and tools so neatly and dexterously that I don't even notice how time flies by. Coating takes a few more minutes and the result is a flawless pedicure. By the way, during the procedure, I learned for myself a few points about caring for the legs. For example, you need to file your feet with a nail file not two or three times a month, but only once (this is how much time the skin needs to completely renew itself). It is better to apply the cream not at night, but in the morning, as it works during the day!"

Daria Mikhailova, editor of the lifestyle department

Place: Salon "Golden Mandarin"

Address: st. Udaltsova, 85 a, (495) 935-14-40

Type of pedicure: La Ric business pedicure (3800 rub.)

“You should definitely arrange this procedure for yourself at the end of a busy working week! And the nails will be put in order, and a relaxing massage with a nourishing cream will be done, and the atmosphere is pleasant - VERY clean (for me this is a decisive factor) and polite staff. In general, I received not only a pedicure, but also an emotional release."

Alexandra Osipova, editorial assistant

Location: Beauty Stop 26

Address: Michurinsky prospect, 26, (905) 715-57-06

Pedicure type: classic

“The main thing that I liked was the attention of the master and her approach. She was able to relieve my feet from calluses and corns without pain and discomfort - my main problem due to uncomfortable shoes. I chose the coating of my favorite black color shellack. Everything was done neatly and pleasantly. An additional bonus was a light foot massage - what you need after a hard day's work."

Elena Bekish, managing editor

Place: Beauty Gallery To be Queen

Address: Leninsky Prospect, 40, (499) 137-05-51

Pedicure type: classic, with Luxio coating (2000 rubles)

“I am always nervous with a pedicure, because almost every second master treats my cuticles to blood (they say that the vessels are close). Therefore, I immediately warned Elena from the To Be Queen salon about my bloody fears. But, lo and behold, after all the standard steps to clean-file-paint, not a single drop of blood was spilled. It's only been 45 minutes and my pedicure is ready! Of course, during this time, the master and I managed to discuss all topics - from lightening hair to how old Russell Crowe is. I am writing my review after almost three weeks, and I have open sandals on my feet. I mean, my pedicure is still as good as after leaving the salon."

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