BeautyHack Editor-in-Chief's Beauty Cabinet: 11 Essential Body Care Products

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BeautyHack Editor-in-Chief's Beauty Cabinet: 11 Essential Body Care Products
BeautyHack Editor-in-Chief's Beauty Cabinet: 11 Essential Body Care Products

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Body balm that will take you to the tropics, body oil spray with a scent from childhood, the best gel for sports and other findings of the editor-in-chief of BeautyHack Karina Andreeva.


Almond shower oil, L'occitane

When I first tried the remedy, there was a feeling that everything that was happening was miracles. The oil starts to heat up in your hands - you feel a pleasant warmth. On contact with water, the gel turns into a thick foam. The sweet scent of almonds envelops the body, and a simple shower turns into a little home spa trip. The skin after it is soft and moisturized (you can do without lotion).

Price: 1 690 rub.

Malaysian Body Balm, Alina Zanskar

Despite the fact that the product is declared as a balm, in the package you can see a dense layer of "butter", which resembles an ice cream in texture. It is better to apply this balm immediately after a shower, so that it has time to soak in (add 20 minutes for this). But as soon as it is absorbed, instead of a greasy film, the skin remains shine and shine, like after sprays with gold particles.

The aroma of the balm is extraordinary, truly tropical! It was heard from the body until the evening. In the composition of mango oil, Malaysian dessert coconuts, shea, argan, lemongrass, as well as passionfruit, mango and pineapple extracts. Thanks to the components, the skin receives a charge of hydration. The balm helps to cope with dryness and flaking.

Price on request

Body cream Shaping for Body, Babor

“Babor is a German cosmetics brand founded in 1956. To create the funds, the brand uses raw materials grown on eco-plantations within the framework of the philosophy of using renewable natural resources. The products are not tested on animals.

I liked the Shaping for Body body cream because it not only perfectly moisturizes, but also absorbs quickly - if you decide to apply it before bedtime, the product will not leave marks on clothes and bedding: just wait 5-10 minutes until it is completely absorbed.

As part of olive oil and grape seed oil. I applied it every day for two weeks after showering with massaging movements. An excellent choice for winter when the skin needs careful protection from the cold. I have it prone to dryness, and this tool nourishes it and copes well with peeling. Lifting effect - as a bonus (it is also suitable for aging skin - as part of an extract of stem cells of mountain ash-birch for anti-age action).

Price: 4 310 rub.

Perfumed body gel 5, Chanel

I really love when a body gel performs several functions at once: at least minimally moisturizes the skin, gives it radiance and smells good. All this (and even more!) I found in the winter novelty that Chanel released for Christmas and New Year. Body gel 5 conquered immediately after the first application - shimmering particles, like gold, shine inside a beautiful bottle and, without losing their charm, are transferred to the skin (I apply it to the neck, décolleté and forearms).

During the evening, I was asked several times what kind of highlighter I put on my body, and for a couple of hours I clearly heard the light sound of my favorite floral-citrus scent 5 from Chanel. By the way, now my special hack: after applying the gel, I definitely use the scent of the same name - this way it opens up deeper and lasts much longer on the skin. And our BeautyHack columnist Elvira Chabakauri believes that this is one of the best gifts of all time (you can read the full review here), and I completely agree with her.

Price: 6 876 rub.

Body Cream Precipitation Extra, Origins

Last summer, the legendary organic cosmetics brand Origins came to the Russian market (we talked about why this is great news here). The creator of the brand is William Lauder, the grandson of Este Lauder.Since its inception on the global market, Origins has established itself as a brand specializing in natural cosmetics and traditional recipes. In addition, the latest technologies and scientific trends are used in the formulas of the products. I fell in love with Precipitation Extra body cream. In consistency, it resembles thick sour cream, and when applied, you feel a slight cooling effect.

The herbaceous scent is reminiscent of the scent of nettle. The product is recommended for those who have very, very dry skin. It has a rich oily composition: shea butter, ginseng, grapefruit, gentian root, cocoa were added to the cream.

For all my dislike for too oily products, I was afraid to apply it - I do not like it when the cream is absorbed for a long time. This one is an exception. Does not leave a greasy shine, perfectly moisturizes, but it is clearly not absorbed for 20-30 minutes. After 5-7, not a trace remained of it, but I noticed the effect right away - the dry skin of the elbows and heels became noticeably softer after the first use. I recommend using this cream after showering before bed - while you sleep it will work and moisturize your skin.

Read our interview with the president of the Origins brand here.

Price: 2 600 rub.

Shower gel Rose Body Wash, Ausganica

“Ausganica are certified organic cosmetics from Australia. The founder of the brand, scientist Maureen Liao decided to create her own brand in 2008. She embodied in it all her knowledge and love for natural cosmetics. Together with partners, she acquired 400 acres (16 thousand acres!) Of agricultural land outside Sydney for growing plants, as well as a small factory and warehouse. The main priorities in the creation of Ausganica were the availability of sources of pure quality raw materials and the use of technologies that do not violate the harmony of the environment.

This shower gel with a delicate (not chemical, as is often the case in fragrances) rose scent almost does not foam, but this does not prevent it from perfectly cleansing. It is oily in texture, pleasantly envelops and does not tighten the skin - no lotion is needed afterwards."

Price: 1490 rub.

Shea hand balm, L'occitane

I have high requirements for hand cream: to nourish the skin and protect it in winter, but at the same time it is not too oily. The impossible is possible - I found all my wishes in Carite hand balm from L'occitane. The agent in the texture of the balm (as stated on the package) is absorbed in a couple of minutes, despite the fact that it consists of 25% shea butter. I have a large package - 150 ml. Considering that a package of 30 ml is enough for me for more than a month, I will deal with this one in 3-4 at best. The product perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin, does not leave a greasy film, is economically consumed, and also smells so fragrant that you can forget about your favorite perfume for a while (especially when you forget to take it with you).

Price: 1 950 rub. for 150 ml.

Extra Virgin Coconut Body Butter, You Need It

When you open the can, you see a product similar to rice pudding - an airy texture, a vanilla-coconut aroma. When applied, the skin becomes covered with a film that seems very oily, but when rubbed in, it disappears once or twice. I have very dry skin in the elbow area, but in a couple of days the remedy heroically coped with dryness and flaking and made it smooth and nourished. Claimed as 100% Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil.

Price: 750 rub.

Body oil Fluide De Beauté 14, Carita

I love this remedy for its incredible lemon scent, which reminded me of the Vzlet candy from my childhood (they were always given on airplanes). At the same time, the aroma stays firmly on the body - it is difficult to interrupt it with perfume, but this is rather a plus - it does not bother and even calms. I liked the convenient sprayer - the process of distributing the product on the body does not take more than 30 seconds: a couple of zips, and then rub it into the skin with massage movements. In the composition of hazelnut and corn oil, as well as a vitamin complex (A, E, F). After it, no oily film remains, and the skin becomes nourished and moisturized.

Price: 3,500 rubles.

Deodorant Déodorant Fraîcheur Énergisant, Payot

The French brand Payot has been around for over a hundred years! Its founder is the first female doctor, Nadia Payo.

I love the deodorant for the absence of a specific rich fragrance - it has a very delicate aroma. The spray is quite gentle, does not hurt the skin and prevents sweat odor throughout the day. Among the active ingredients are extracts of bamboo and green tea. I always take it with me to training!

Price on request

Correcting body cream Défi Cellulite, Thalgo

Thalgo is a French brand that was founded in 1964 by phyto- and dermopharmaceutical scientists. The research was led by physician Alain Dogliani: together with his fellow scientists, he was looking for a way to use the potential of the sea for his own cosmetic products. More than 20 years have been devoted to these experiments. As a result, Thalgo cosmetics appeared, based on seaweed, seafood and plant extracts.

My favorite product from the brand is Défi Cellulite body cream. The soft green gel gives a cooling effect in contact with the skin. The first time I used it twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. I applied it to the breeches, buttocks and abdomen. The product with a light herbaceous aroma is instantly absorbed - no need to wait long. This is especially convenient when you apply this product after a workout and you can immediately get dressed without fear of getting your clothes dirty. I have no obvious problems with my skin, but I still want it to be more toned and elastic: the cream coped with these tasks perfectly in two weeks of use. I also love how great it moisturizes and nourishes the skin! The formula contains piperine (obtained from black pepper): it is believed to increase the absorption of the active ingredient coleus forskolin in areas with dense cellulite by 11 times to effectively reduce the "orange peel", lose weight and acquire a slim silhouette.

Price: 4 600 rub.

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