The Most Common Forms Of The Penis

The Most Common Forms Of The Penis
The Most Common Forms Of The Penis

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Men look at the shape of girls' breasts, and women look at the shape and size of a member of the stronger sex. Men have not only different penis sizes, but also shapes. But if a woman's breasts are of so many types and sizes, the male penis has seven common forms. Are you interested in a normal member? Scientists have found that there are seven of the most common forms of the penis. What category does yours fall into?


The most common forms of the penis

1. Member in the form of a sausage or sausage. This is the most common form of penis, where the penis is of medium size and medium width over the entire length of the girth. 2. A member in the form of a banana. The penis is similar to a banana and is slightly curved to the side (left or right). If the bend is significant, you should see a doctor. This is one of the popular penis forms. 3. Penis in the form of a pencil. This penis shape is long and thinner than the average penis. It is uniform along the entire length and curved at the head. 4. Hammer-shaped member. A medium-sized member ends with a large head, like a hammer or a mushroom. 5. A penis in the shape of a pepper or a bun. The penis is very short, about 8-10 cm in size, but very thick and fleshy. 6. Member in the shape of a cucumber. This shape differs from the shape of the sausage in that the penis is thicker. Maybe that's why girls choose cucumbers so carefully in the store? 7. The penis is cone-shaped. The penis is like an ice cream cone, narrow at the base and widening towards the end of the penis. Member statistics

In 35% of men, the head is wider than the penis itself, and in 22%, the penis is thicker than the head.

25% of men have a bend in the penis in different directions.

Approximately a man ends up 7200 times in his life.

The average penis size is 10-12 cm.

A standard male orgasm lasts 6 seconds.

Tell your girlfriend that semen contains about 20 calories.

The usual speed of ejaculation is 45 km / h.

Phot and all the facts about manhood.

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