What Really Lies Behind The Erotic Photos On The Girl's Social Networks

What Really Lies Behind The Erotic Photos On The Girl's Social Networks
What Really Lies Behind The Erotic Photos On The Girl's Social Networks

Video: What Really Lies Behind The Erotic Photos On The Girl's Social Networks

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Nobody will blame the girl for her work as a model. Victoria's Secret Angels are idolized by hundreds of thousands of male and female fans. Their sexuality is considered to be the property of the brand, and for a long time they have not seen anything shameful in performing in the same underwear of models and pop stars.


There is a twofold situation with amateur photo sessions on erotic themes. And not at all because the unknown girl will look less attractive than the professional model, many of them can be complimented. However, the goal of such a photo project (to present oneself, not underwear) and the audience (not the target audience of the brand or fans, but social networks) are radically different.

“If a girl orders erotic photo sessions for the purpose of publishing on social networks, here we see not only low self-esteem and a desire for positive reinforcement from the outside, but also a hysterical personality type, which is characterized by a demonstration of oneself and one's sexuality,” psychologist Alexandra Miller characterizes this behavior.

Demonstration of oneself can manifest itself in various, not only sexual, variations. However, for girls, this method of self-affirmation is the easiest to implement. After all, there are always strangers on social networks who are interested in such publications that will only support the beginnings of the model.

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“Those girls who very clearly and deliberately show their sexuality, often have, as paradoxical as it may sound, problems in the sexual sphere,” says Alexandra Miller. - "The inability to turn off the head, relax and, as a result, get high-quality sexual release is nothing more than anorgasmia."

This is not to say that, in general, participation in erotic photo shoots is a sign of low self-esteem. For example, if the goal is art or expanding the portfolio of the photographer himself. Another goal is not publication in the public space for the review of friends and strangers, but variety in intimate life with a partner. For example, from photographers or photo salons, girls often order calendars with their own image as a gift to their husbands.

“If such publications are sent exclusively by partners to each other, this is, on the contrary, a variety of sexual life, warming up interest, the desire to maintain a report (connection) with a partner while he is at work, on a business trip, and so on,” confirms Alexandra Miller.

Such a phenomenon, according to the psychologist, is called sexting (the process of sending personal photos, videos, and also text messages of a sexual nature). This style of Internet communication has long been familiar to couples in long-distance relationships, and became widespread at the height of the pandemic.

Girls who openly publish such photos should remember that virtual space can generate virality (wide, high-speed distribution to a large audience). Thus, erotic pictures can fall into the hands of mentally unhealthy people, which runs the risk of negative consequences. Harassment and blackmail is not the worst development of events.

However, erotic photography also has a positive side: fame, if a girl aspires to such fame. For example, a photograph of a Russian woman from Kirov accidentally appeared in the film Fifty Shades of Gray. This is because a photographer (well-known) published his work in a popular photo stock. And what was the surprise of the girl when, while watching the film, she saw herself on the screen. An achievement that not everyone can boast of.

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