The Most Vulgar And Sexiest Words The Girls Said

The Most Vulgar And Sexiest Words The Girls Said
The Most Vulgar And Sexiest Words The Girls Said

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Forum readers shared their intimate stories, in which they told the sexiest words they heard from their liberated companions. The most vicious, vulgar, depraved, sexy and dirty things from the lips of the fair sex. Some good girls don't know how to interest, turn on and excite a man with words. But bad girls easily pick up vulgar and vicious words that drive men crazy.


Bad girls who show viciousness and initiative in sex are rare. That is why they are delicious and unforgettable. Forum readers shared intimate stories and unforgettable sexy words they heard. Such vulgar words will excite even a 100 - year - old man.

The most vulgar and sexiest words from girls

In response to the compliment to the jeans, the girl said: “Do my legs look good in these pants? You must see me without them"

At our wedding, during a romantic dance, my wife said: "I am not wearing any underwear."

An unfamiliar girl and my future wife, after a couple of bottles of wine, said in my ear: "Don't be gentle with me." The hospital employee gave me a blowjob and said: "You can use my mouth whenever you want."

After the date, the girl suggested: “Do you want to come to my place for coffee? Only I don't have it!"

She whispered in her ear, "I need to taste you right now."

A random girl said, “Were you hoping you would have sex with a stranger? You are not mistaken!"

"Have sex with me like you hate!" - said the girl and had sex like an animal. She was much older than me and whispered, "I want to introduce you to my pussy."

We watched a movie with the girl, as she exclaimed: "Do you want to record a video of how I suck your dick?"

We had sex and it was very tight, suddenly the girl exclaimed: "I feel that you are stretching me!"

The girl who has not yet had sex blurted out: "Fuck me like the last whore" The girl asked: "Do you want to have sex on your table?"

At one party, a girl grabbed my cock and said, “We need to get out of here immediately. I want to fuck you!"

During sex, she said, "You can cum inside me."

A former girlfriend sketched out a plan for the evening: "I'm going to feed you dinner, and then I'll suck your cock."

The girl sent a message: "Do you want to come for a cup of coffee and a blowjob?" My wife has not seen me for a long time and said, during anal sex, the following: "I want you to fuck me so hard that I felt it in my throat."

The girl challenged: "Fuck my ass until I like it."

My girlfriend exclaimed, "Fuck romance, just fuck me."

The girl suddenly suggested: “Do you want to see my pussy? And touch? " The girl offered what she could not refuse: "Do you want to cum on my face?"

It sounded scientific: "Give me your male connector here to my female connection."

“Your cock is absolutely flawless,” she said flatly.

During the party, she said, "Let's go to the car and have sex."

One fine night the girl said: "You can do whatever you want, but fuck me and cum in your mouth" The wife did not see me for a week and said: "I have been thinking about sex with you all day and this time has come."

We were having sex when she stopped and said, "My pussy belongs to you."

One young Asian girl in love with me said, "I never wanted someone as badly as you do now."

We didn’t see the girl for the whole vacation and she was very happy to see me: “I want you to fill all my holes.” I met one crazy girl and she said: “Don't stop until I pay.”

We were watching a movie in the dorm, when the girl offered something that could not be refused: "My parents are coming soon, can you quickly fuck me?"

What sexy things have you heard or said?

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