Experts Appreciate The Idea Of ​​punishing Clinics For Turning Women Into "Barbies"

Experts Appreciate The Idea Of ​​punishing Clinics For Turning Women Into "Barbies"
Experts Appreciate The Idea Of ​​punishing Clinics For Turning Women Into "Barbies"

Video: Experts Appreciate The Idea Of ​​punishing Clinics For Turning Women Into "Barbies"

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The State Duma has proposed to introduce administrative responsibility for clinics that perform surgeries to radically change their appearance. According to the author of the idea of ​​the deputy Vitaly Milonov, such changes should take place exclusively on the basis of a doctor's prescription. We are investigating whether such an innovation is necessary and whether it violates human rights. Appearance under control State Duma deputy Vitaly Milonov proposed to introduce administrative responsibility for those clinics that conduct surgery to radically change the appearance. According to the parliamentarian, people who decide to take such a step have mental disabilities.


"People with severely altered appearance, who perform terrible operations -" Barbie women "," Ken-men "- clearly suffer from mental disabilities. They should be banned, because this is a demonstration of ugliness," - said Milonov. At the same time, the deputy stressed that all changes in appearance should be carried out by the appointment of specialists. "There should be moderation in everything. Women, girls take care of their appearance, take care of themselves somehow. This is good, this is normal. But everything should be natural," he is sure.

Natalya Manturova, the chief freelance specialist, plastic surgeon of the Russian Ministry of Health, spoke about the increase in the number of plastic surgeries this year in comparison with the past. She also noted that in July their number returned to the values ​​that were before the situation with COVID-19. According to Manturova, mammoplasty, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty and liposuction have become the most popular surgeries after the removal of the home regimen.

And the managing director of the Institute of Plastic Surgery in Moscow, Ksenia Delnik, noted that over the past 10 years, the number of breast augmentation surgeries has tripled. Buttocks augmentation is also in the top of women's requests, added plastic surgeon Alexander Sokolov. Can "disfiguring" operations be banned? Medical lawyer Alexei Panov told Moscow 24 that everyone has the right to dispose of his body as he sees fit.

"Possession of one's own body is an intangible blessing of a person … That is, I can cut off my hand, sew on a tail, gouge out an eye - this is not a criminal offense, therefore it is a human right to apply for such operations anywhere. It is impossible to ban it," the expert explained. At the same time, Panov is sure that the effectiveness of administrative punishments depends on their size. "If its amount is 5,000 rubles, and you have to pay 200,000 for the operation, then, I think, an administrative fine of 5,000 will not work. And if the amount of the fine is substantial, for example, half a million, then, of course, the owner, the head physician of the clinic will think, why should he have such problems, "- said the lawyer. At the same time, according to the specialist, if such an idea is supported, then there is a risk that clinics will begin to perform such operations underground.

Lawyer Anna Butyrina, in an interview with Moscow 24, explained that people who radically change their appearance should also remember to change their identity documents.

“This is not legally regulated. But when a person's appearance changes, they have the obligation to take another photo and, in the event of cardinal changes, change the photo in their passport, having received a new one,” she explained. In turn, clinical psychologist Mikhail Khors explained why sometimes people change their appearance with the help of plastic surgeons beyond recognition.

"The first is the devaluation of one's own" I ", dysmorphophobia (a mental disorder in which a person is extremely concerned about the imperfections of his appearance and is inclined to look for non-existent defects in himself. - Ed.), Fear of being who you are. diagnosed, he is not mentally unhealthy. Most often this happens from dislike on the part of parents or from any childhood trauma, "- said the expert.

In addition, according to the psychologist, the reason for such dissatisfaction with oneself can really be a consequence of any diseases. “Maybe the brain is organically damaged by something, vascular diseases, brain tumor, because of this, they can also deny themselves,” explained Khors.

The third and more recently common reason is the dependence on the approval of others, which was caused by social networks. It is important and necessary for such “Barbies” and “Kens” to be liked and paid attention to, so they experiment on their bodies, the interlocutor of Moscow concluded 24.

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