Business Account Of The Day: Exclusive Mugs And Brooches From Maria Shuttle

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Business Account Of The Day: Exclusive Mugs And Brooches From Maria Shuttle
Business Account Of The Day: Exclusive Mugs And Brooches From Maria Shuttle

Video: Business Account Of The Day: Exclusive Mugs And Brooches From Maria Shuttle

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A special project of Realnoe Vremya about entrepreneurial initiatives of Tatarstan citizens and recommendations of SMM specialists. Part 14


The young sculptor and photographer Maria Pertseva was born and raised in Nizhny Novgorod. But fate brought her first to Kazan, and then to Naberezhnye Chelny, where she now lives with her husband and daughter. The girl turns ordinary mugs into exclusive ones with the help of polymer clay products. At the expense of what resources to develop your profile, attracting more subscribers - advice is given by the experts of the SMM agency within the framework of the Realnoe Vremya special project.

Lots of patience and no magic

As Maria says, she went to the auto city in search of work, since for a long time she could not find her place in the capital of the republic. And it so happened that she was offered to become a photographer in one of the Chelny studios. Maria Pertseva has always been a creative person, she loved to draw, and she decided to apply her talent in modeling. A new hobby was polymer clay crafts, the production of which soon became a source of income for a young family. Among Maria's customers are people from different parts of Russia. But not a single order, even though the theme is the same, for example, cartoon characters or TV series, is similar to another. It takes 2-3 days to make one product: it is not enough to mold the details, the most difficult thing is to paint.

- Due to the fact that I appreciate my creativity, I do not take a million orders, I can refuse what I would not like to do, I can redo the order several times in order to come closer to perfection - a lot of patience and no magic, - talks about his business girl.

Today 700 people have subscribed to Maria's profile. How to develop a business account - recommendations are given by one of the largest SMM agencies in the Volga region Social lift, which has been working in the digital agency market for 8 years, and its list of projects includes world-famous brands, large enterprises and financial companies.

Business profile - corresponding nickname

Account name. The choice of the account author to promote the business through a personal brand is understandable, but if there are plans to reach a new audience that is not familiar with Maria, then the name should be changed and adapted for search queries. Otherwise, it simply deprives itself of free traffic - people who are just looking for similar products. Account name. "Novice sculptor" - the name of the profile affects the indexing in the search and should reflect the type of activity. The user is looking for the product itself or an original gift. Not everyone would even consider that the query could include words related to art such as sculpture. Avatar. A similar story. The photo is a nice girl, and in combination with the name of the account, the desired effect is not achieved: a new user will want to go to this page only with the intentions to get acquainted. Without opening the page, it is completely unclear what the girl is doing. BIO. The information is structured and written clearly, there are separating emoji, there is an emphasis on the store and delivery. What is missing? It is necessary to add more information about the product itself, about its benefits and application. It is worth analyzing your orders and questions coming to the page. Who buys these items? For what occasion? What is most important to them when choosing? At the same time, highlight your competitive advantages: perhaps you very quickly make an order, pack it in an original way, use only environmentally friendly materials and paints. Based on the responses received, it is worth building the positioning of the account. Link in the description. Added a link to the online store. In the description of the profile there is a text leading up to the transition.

The number of subscriptions - no more than 20% of the number of subscribers

The ratio of the number of subscriptions to subscribers: subscriptions must be no more than 20% of the number of subscribers. A different ratio suggests that the audience is recruited through mass following. It is worth cleaning up the subscriptions, leaving only the accounts and pages of your clients that are really interesting to you. The "checkmarks" section. It is worth working on increasing the number of tags in your account. As long as you add a personal brand to the product, cute family photos are acceptable. One way to gain additional reach and launch word of mouth is to offer a discount or bonus to all buyers who, after receiving an order, write a review and post your work with a profile tag.

One tip - one story. And come up with a branded hashtag

The archives are present and are regularly updated, but it is worth considering adding branded covers. The most important archives are missing: "assortment", "in stock", "reviews". There is an archive with tips for care, but, alas, there is only one image overloaded with text in it. We advise you to adhere to the rule: "one tip - one story", be sure to add a video. When publishing stories, it is worth adding interactive elements - they have a positive effect on the level of engagement in the profile.

Currently, the IG TV section contains only videos that motivate creativity. Use it to the greatest benefit for your business: show a video of the process, conduct live broadcasts, give advice on care, tell about yourself and your first steps in business. Believe me, people are very interested in this.

Good, engaging, and return-to-page content. There is a worthy justification for the price, answers to objections, an interesting description of the process and each product. Emotions and humor are present, but this is only a plus for this page, there is a corporate identity. It is worth adding a branded hashtag, which can be written in the profile description and indicated in each post.

In the future, it is necessary to work on a variety of headings, perhaps to divide publications depending on the focus of the work (characters, brands, children's, thematic, etc.). Pay attention to the videos posted - now they are not published in the format recommended by social networks.

Don't forget about engaging and playful content

There are currently no contests and no game or engaging content. Conducting contests allows you to expand the boundaries and increase the flow of audience, has a good effect on the involvement of subscribers in the content of the page, increases the number of "word of mouth" orders, which is very important on the eve of the holidays. Contests can be a reason to attract new partners, an excellent reason to post with a blogger. Also, this tool allows you to get to know your client better and conduct a mini-research.

Active and efficient work with comments is underway. What to fix? Give more informative answers, do not be limited to "thank you" and emoji, lead customers to a conversation, lead to a sale.

If you want further promotion, then you should think about launching advertising promotion: targeted advertising, working with bloggers. This will give you the right start to your business and significantly increase the number of orders. We wish you success!

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