How Ideas About The Female Figure Have Changed

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How Ideas About The Female Figure Have Changed
How Ideas About The Female Figure Have Changed

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We all know that fashion is fleeting: as it turned out, even the standards of beauty do not stay on the pedestal for too long. On the strength of 10 years, to be precise. We've put together a concise guide to female body beauty standards over the past century. How elegant "Gibson Girls" were replaced by Kim Kardashian and Anna Kvitko - in our material!



Gibson Girl is the first American standard of female beauty to be disseminated by the media. The lady had to be thin, have a narrow waist, large breasts and wide hips. The hourglass silhouette in those days was created by a corset. Long necks, big doe eyes and tall hairstyles are what you would see if you took your eyes off the unnaturally thin waist.


Leaving the S-shaped corset behind once and for all, the girls of the Prohibition era decided to radically change the course of beauty. No curvy curves. With an androgynous figure, a flat chest and a boyish look, this is the most coveted girl of the Great Gatsby Party era. It was a battle between the feminine principle and modernism dominating at that time.


The reference image of the "teenage girl" did not last long. He was replaced in the 30s by beautiful curves, a thin waist and large breasts. Under the influence of Hollywood stars, the fair sex tried to emphasize their dignity under new body-fitting outfits, and here the androgynous girls had a hard time.


The echoes of the Second World War could not ignore the female beauty. The girls had to share the hardships of war with men, along the way protecting their lives and honor. Naturally, this also affected the appearance. In the 40s, large shoulders, a solid figure prevailed, and female strength was considered attractive.

The situation in different parts of the world varied significantly. If American and English beauties still thought about beauty and appearance, then the ladies of continental Europe had a hard time. They did not even think about the figure, the main task was to hide the attractive forms behind several layers of voluminous clothing. It was a necessary sacrifice on the altar of safety. A hint of sexuality threatened with violence from enemy soldiers.


Time passed, the fear of being beautiful remained in the past decade and the moment came when female sexuality reached its peak. The girls happily demonstrated all their charms: large elastic breasts, long slender legs, rounded hips. The hourglass figure has returned to fashion again. What is the magnificent and unforgettable image of Marilyn Monroe from "There are only girls in jazz"!


With the onset of a new decade, the achievements in the field of beauty of the previous one have sunk into oblivion. The 60s are still considered the golden age of pharmaceutical companies. The legendary miniature Twiggy looked reproachfully from all the posters and covers. The girls looked at models who hardly differed from the prisoners of Buchenwald and dreamed of such figures. Diet pills flew off the shelves of pharmacies like hot cakes. The 20s are back, but in an even more unhealthy way.

What else is the 60s associated with if not Hippie? Taking care of oneself became a secondary matter, for which there was no time left between the peaceful protests against the Vietnam War and the singing of songs. Piece and Relax to everyone!


Twiggy, whom I wanted to feed, and the neglected hippie girls are already pretty fed up, it's time to change something. How can these two "epidemics" be cured at the same time? Of course, sports! We present to your attention the woman of dreams of the 70s: an athletic body, firm, toned buttocks, strength and health. Farrah Fawcett became the main sex symbol, posters with her image were very popular.The first African-American model Beverly Johnson appeared on the cover of Vogue, who conquered her with her thin and athletic figure.


Historic moment: it was in this decade that the first top models appeared. But here the difficulties also arose: it has never been so difficult to achieve the ideal. It was unrealistic to break into a special caste of top models for mere "mortals". No amount of grueling diet and makeup would help you get one meter long legs. The general trends of this decade are proper nutrition, going to the gym and a toned body.


90s - the era of "heroin chic" and the reign of the cult of imitation Kate Moss, who, in turn, confidently conquered the world catwalks and covers of glossy magazines. Here it is, the temporary "cycle" of figures: the "boyish" figures of the 20s returned to fashion again, and the high growth of the 80s was the most valuable female dignity. Pharmaceutical companies grew richer, because girls bought packages of "miracle pills" for weight loss in pursuit of protruding bones and ribs that were visible through the skin.


The new millennium - new standards of beauty. The situation was corrected, thinness remained in vogue, but acquired a different look. Now it was not enough for the girl to be like a boy. Her figure is slender, but her slenderness is athletic. No voluminous breasts and large priests. The girls of the 2000s were compared to a graceful panther. The perfection woman is sexy, flexible and pumped up.


Curvy shapes below the waist are back in trend. The girls were divided into three coalitions. The first, and the most cunning, acquired special underwear that rounded their shapes. Second, they do not leave the gyms for days, work for the good, in order to achieve the desired result. But still others, followed the path of less resistance and simply turned to plastic surgeons.

The 2010s saw the emergence of a new feminist movement “Bodypositive”, the motto of which is: “My body is my business!”.

If you look closely, does it remind you of anything? If you scroll to the beginning of the article? Everything seems to be back to normal. Well, let's see what the new decade will bring us … it's not long to wait.

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