5 Stars Whose Appearance Has Changed A Lot With Age

5 Stars Whose Appearance Has Changed A Lot With Age
5 Stars Whose Appearance Has Changed A Lot With Age

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Sometimes time does not spare even the most beautiful people. This can be traced to the example of celebrities, some of whom have undergone natural natural changes, while others themselves unwittingly made an effort, resorting to plastic surgery and abusing it. Here are vivid examples of stars whose appearance has undergone significant changes with age.



The famous actress in her youth was an incredible beauty. However, as is the case with many, by old age it has changed almost beyond recognition. However, it is worth giving her credit and noting that aging occurred naturally, and Bridget did not resort to any procedures to improve her appearance.


Unlike the previous example, this celebrity, in pursuit of beauty and youth, subjected her face and body to numerous plastic surgeries. The result was clearly not what the woman expected, her appearance has changed a lot, and far from for the better.


This is another celebrity who is overly interested in plastic. Having decided that certain procedures would return her to her former youth and beauty, the woman was clearly mistaken, and her facial features became almost unrecognizable in comparison with that young beauty who was used to seeing on screens.


This celebrity is a vivid confirmation of the fact that time spares no one. The actress, justifiably recognized as a sex symbol in her youth, with age, even remotely ceased to resemble the girl that viewers are used to seeing on screens. The changes affected her appearance so much that her facial features changed beyond recognition.


The young actor was incredibly handsome, but everything changed at a certain period of his life. In the 90s, he took a break from his film career and was seriously involved in boxing. However, this activity could not but affect the appearance of the actor, as a result of which his face practically had to be redrawn. It should be said that Mickey Rourke took it with honor, and was able to become popular again and shine on the screens.

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