How Mickey Rourke Went From Handsome To Monster

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How Mickey Rourke Went From Handsome To Monster
How Mickey Rourke Went From Handsome To Monster

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Yes, of course, age inexorably adds wrinkles to all of us, distorting features and stealing past attractiveness. But in the case of Mickey Rourke, it is not so much age that is to blame (you must admit that many men, having reached 60 years old, become only more beautiful), but the actor's unbridled passion for plastic surgery.


Unsuccessful interventions led to the fact that there was no trace of Mickey's former beauty. He began to resemble a monster - a puffy, swollen face, distorted features, deformed ears and nose. Plastic surgeon: "He underwent a lot of plastic surgeries."

We asked a specialist - is it really possible to determine from the photographs that Rourke's face has undergone multiple surgical interventions?

Oleg Badak, a plastic surgeon at the Frau Klinik, having looked at the pictures of the star, replied: “He has performed a lot of plastic surgeries. Including - about 3 facelifts, 5 nose surgeries and blepharoplasty. His first operations on his nose were performed after injuries he received in boxing fights.

more on the topic of Mickey Rourke after plastic surgery fans will not recognize The audience of the British morning show, seeing the 66-year-old actor on the screen, could not believe their eyes. Several times Mickey Rourke underwent an operation called a facelift (in other words, a facelift - Ed.). At the same time, we used practices that we do not use in our work, since they destroy the tragus (a small cartilaginous protrusion on the outer part of the ear - Ed. Approx.) And give an unnatural appearance to the ear. " "There are violations in the implementation of the methodology" Still from the movie "Nine and a half weeks", 1985. Mickey Rourke is beautiful! “Why these operations turned out to be ineffective and caused such a strong aesthetic damage is impossible to say,” Oleg Badak emphasized. - Objectively, only the surgeon who operated on him can say this. But it is obvious that there are certain violations in the implementation of the methodology. The vectors of skin tension and distribution of soft tissue elements of the face are violated. This created a kind of mask instead of a face. " He wanted to bring back his youth Still from the film "Remove Carter", 2000 Slightly heavy, with traces of riotous life on his face, but still attractive

We asked a specialist - do Rourke's external changes really indicate that he was trying not only to restore his face after an injury, but also to rejuvenate with the help of plastic surgery? “The facelift operation is precisely aimed at eliminating age-related changes in the face,” the surgeon confirmed, “that is, the removal of excess skin and the redistribution of soft tissue elements is performed. A still from the film "The Wrestler", 2008. Here in Roorkee it is already difficult to recognize that stunning handsome man. As for rhinoplasty, everything is clear here: the ear cartilage was taken, put into the nose, thereby creating a new frame of the nose. All subsequent rhinoplasty was already aesthetic - due to the fact that the cartilage, most likely, behaved unpredictably and subsequent rhinoplasty tried to correct it. The boxing ring killed the artist Still from the movie "13", 2009

Indeed, for a long time, Mickey was fond of boxing and often entered the ring in amateur fights. Sometimes it was necessary to receive rather sensitive blows to the face, after which the actor's appearance changed noticeably.

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After almost fifty battles, Rourke's results were as follows: multiple nose fractures, shattered cheekbone bone, a bitten tongue, as well as fractures of the arm and ribs, loss of sensitivity in the fingers, and lost reproductive function.

Still from the film "Black November", 2012

Mickey's first appeals to plastic surgeons pursued one goal - to restore the damaged face. But the surgeon, whom the actor trusted, turned out to be a "horseman": not only did he fail to cope with the task, he finally ruined Rourke's face.

And after the circular tightening, which Mickey decided on in pursuit of the lost youth and beauty in the early 2000s, it got even worse. The operations followed one after another: mesotherapy, lifting, hair transplantation … He tried to restore his broken nose with the help of rhinoplasty.

Mickey Rourke this summer. Photo: Instagram

Due to the initially unprofessional interference, the actor had to try again and again to fix his face. But it was too late - it turned out to be impossible to restore the old attractive appearance.

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His last operation was performed in 2015. The former handsome looks now frightening. Mickey tries to appear in public as little as possible and admits that he suffers a lot because of the changes that have occurred.

What do you think - does Mickey Rourke still have a chance to somehow fix the matter? Or should we forget that he was once a handsome man, and live out his days as he became, resigned to fate?

Oleg Badak, plastic surgeon. Photo: Personal archive

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