10 Star Operations You Didn't Know About

10 Star Operations You Didn't Know About
10 Star Operations You Didn't Know About

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Which of the stars did 10 plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures at once, and how did the visit to the dentist help Nicole Kidman at the beginning of her career? Plastic surgeons and cosmetologists comment on the changes of the category A stars.


Angelina Jolie: rhinoplasty, cheekbones and chin correction

At about 20-23 years old, Angelina Jolie underwent rhinoplasty, they corrected the back of the nose, reduced the tip, and changed the shape of the wings.

Everyone knows about the actress's mammoplasty, but Tatyana Bykovskaya, the head physician of the Remedy Lab clinic, claims that Jolie also resorted to correcting the zygomatic zone. “Of course, the cheekbones became more expressive after losing weight. This effect can be achieved by adding additional volume to the zygomatic region due to implants."

Also, the star has changed the chin and the shape of the lower jaw (it was pushed forward) - orthodontic surgery or chin implantation was performed.

Victoria Beckham: rhinoplasty, mammoplasty, cheekbones and chin correction

In her youth, Victoria was fuller. Then she lost a lot of weight, and this greatly changed her appearance (for how all the Spice Girls members changed, read the link).

Natalia Grigorieva, managing partner of the Premium Aesthetics clinic, notes that the star has corrected her breasts several times. For the first operation, she chose not anatomical, but spherical implants. “Obviously, over time, Victoria changed them to implants of a more natural form. With her fragile physique, such breasts looked unnatural."

Other surgeries are rhinoplasty and chin correction. “The tip of Victoria's nose has become noticeably narrower, the bridge of the nose is smoother. Perhaps Beckham lengthened her chin with an implant or increased bone tissue."

Charlize Theron: rhinoplasty, chin correction

Natalya Komarcheva, a dermatocosmetologist at the Golden Mandarin Health and Beauty Center, claims that

Charlize underwent rhinoplasty - the tip of the nose became thinner.

“The actress has an implant in her chin, which visually corrects the oval of her face. Now the cervico-chin area looks sleeker. It is possible that Charlize resorted to endoscopic facelift and blepharoplasty of the upper eyelids (by the way, it turned out very well!)”.

Nicole Kidman: rhinoplasty, mammoplasty, plastic surgery of the frenum

Kirill Nazoev, a plastic surgeon at the Osnova clinic: “Kidman has done rhinoplasty at least once. Interestingly, there is a slight notch at the junction of the columella (the septum between the nostrils) at the tip of the nose. This can be either a defect in the operation or a feature of the cartilage structure that the doctor did not correct. In general, Nicole has narrowed the back and tip of her nose."

Judging by the structure of the dentition, Nicole Kidman has a low position of the gums. In the photo at a younger age, it can be seen that when she smiled, her gums were quite exposed. Cyril suggests that Nicole did plastic surgery of the frenum, which allowed the upper lip to be slightly freed, and (or) the installation of veneers (the length of the teeth in her photo clearly increased at an older age).

“Whether the actress removed lumps of bisha is hard to say. In the 90s, this operation was not as popular as it is now. Nevertheless, the possibility of such manipulation cannot be ruled out."

But, according to Cyril, it is obvious that Kidman was enlarging her breasts. Judging by the photo, anatomically shaped implants of low or medium profile were used for mammoplasty.

Other manipulations include temporal or frontal lifting. This is noticeable by the spread of the eyebrows - their tail is strongly raised. “This result cannot be achieved using botulinum toxin injections.I do not exclude that Nicole did a lift using the Cheek-lift technique, which eliminates age-related manifestations in the middle third of the face (cheekbones, cheeks and the outer edge of the eyes)."

Demi Moore: rhinoplasty, mammoplasty, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)

Natalia Grigorieva, managing partner of the Premium Aesthetics clinic, distinguishes two procedures - rhinoplasty and mammoplasty: “The tip of the nose was corrected very delicately, but the breast augmentation was initially not very successful: round implants did not fit Demi at all. A little later, they were replaced by teardrop-shaped anatomical shapes and small sizes. After the correction, the breasts look natural."

At 55, the actress and mother of three have a perfect belly. Plastic surgeon Andrei Iskornev claims that this is the result of abdominoplasty. “The operation is difficult to hide if you wear low underwear - the seam will be visible! In this case, we are talking about mini-abdominoplasty - a tightening of the abdominal skin without moving the navel."

Madonna: Cheekbone Modeling

Madonna denies any information about plastic surgery. At the same time, the star constantly incites controversy about her appearance, appearing at important events (Oscar 2007, Met Gala 2016) with a radically rejuvenated face.

With age, the singer became pronounced cheekbones. Madonna herself says that a young face is the result of macrobiotic nutrition. “Proper nutrition affects the condition of the skin and its elasticity (for example, vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen, which tightens the epidermis), but, most likely, this is the result of modeling,” explains dermatologist-cosmetologist Victoria Britsko. “Hyaluronic acid fillers and calcium hydroxyapatite could have been used. Also, the star could have been given permanent implants."

Fillers of hyaluronic acid corrected the nasolabial fold and increased the volume of the lips - with age they became fuller, and this is not entirely natural.

Bella Hadid: Rhinoplasty

According to Natalia Grigorieva, managing partner of the Premium Aesthetics clinic, Bella underwent rhinoplasty twice. First, we corrected the wings of the nose, the hump, and slightly shortened the tip. Photos of the model after the first operation are not impressive: the nose is unnaturally narrow, and the base, on the contrary, is wide and does not correspond to the width of the back.

"It can be seen that they tried to eliminate these defects during the second operation, but the result, in my opinion, is unsatisfactory: the nose remained narrow, the edges of the nasal bones are visible."

Sandra Bullock: rhinoplasty, fillers

O2 aesthetic services center cosmetologist Viktoria Britko: “A good example of nose plastics. Sandra managed to maintain its natural shape by narrowing the back and wings and reducing the tip. Such a correction is not striking, but the nose looks more harmonious on a miniature face."

Victoria also notes that Sandra's face became more feminine after 40 years (now the actress is 53 years old) - a clear line of cheekbones has appeared. “Most likely, hyaluronic acid fillers were used to recreate the volume in the middle third of the face (cheekbones, cheeks).

The shape of the lips and their volume also did not change with age, although over the years they begin to "blur". Apparently, the shape and volume were corrected."

Salma Hayek: mammoplasty

Cosmetologist of the O2 aesthetic services center Viktoria Britko: “If we compare the photos of Salma in her youth and now, it is clear that she enlarged her breasts, and by several sizes. The actress is 50 years old, she has a daughter, whom she gave birth to at 41 and breastfed for over a year. At the same time, in the photo, the breast looks voluminous and elastic. I think it was not without implants”.

Victoria also has doubts about Salma's narrow waist: “Compared to the big hips, the waist is really very narrow. In her youth, there was no such disharmony in her body. There are two options: either she always puts on a corset at events, or she did liposuction and even removed the lower ribs.In any case, the star goes in for sports (there is no sagging triceps on the arms), does hardware-vacuum LPG massage, infrared or radio wave lifting."

Heidi Montag: mammoplasty, rhinoplasty, ear plastics, mini-brow lift, filler injections into the cheekbones and lips, chin lift, liposuction of the neck, waist and hips and reshaping of the buttocks.

Heidi Montag is the star of the American reality show Hollywood Hills on MTV. But she gained worldwide popularity not because of the high ratings of the show (and they were really high). In 2009, Heidi underwent ten plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures in one day. Heidi told People about this a year later. The name of the surgeon was also named by the celebrity - it was Dr. Frank Ryan. Montag admitted: she almost died from the amount of anesthetic that slowed her breathing down to 5 breaths per minute, but she did not regret a bit about what was done. A little later, Motang said that she wanted to replace the implants with smaller ones, but would do all the manipulations without risking her health.

Plastic surgeon Andrey Iskornev explains that for American surgery (and stars) this is a normal practice: in one anesthesia to do everything to the maximum, so that later the patient does not undergo rehabilitation again. “The chest and buttocks can be done in one operation. But you need to be prepared for the fact that the rehabilitation period will become a long and unpleasant process. This is when it comes to implants. Another issue when lipofilling is done is filling the buttocks and breasts with fatty tissue. These manipulations even need to be done at the same time. We do not consider botox, lip augmentation as plastic surgery - if you take into account such trifles, it can turn out to be 20. It is impossible to combine rhinoplasty with a facelift, a facelift with an abdominoplasty due to the duration of the intervention."

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