Monsters, Inc.: 10 Stars Ruined Lips

Monsters, Inc.: 10 Stars Ruined Lips
Monsters, Inc.: 10 Stars Ruined Lips

Video: Monsters, Inc.: 10 Stars Ruined Lips

Video: Monsters, Inc.: 10 Stars Ruined Lips
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Mark Twain once said: moderation should be in everything - including moderation. But not all stars use this rule when visiting clinics of aesthetic medicine. Dermato-cosmetologist Victoria Britko told (@ dr.viktoria_13_) how you can ruin your lips by choosing the wrong drug, why you need to pay attention to the bite during correction and what to do if you are not satisfied with the result.


Priscilla Presley

Priscilla's lips are too tight in the corners, which is why many netizens compare her with the Joker. They say that Priscilla became the victim of a surgeon who used low-quality silicone for correction, for which he was arrested after court proceedings - it turned out that this also happens with the stars.

“Unfortunately, there are many fakes on the aesthetic services market - no one is immune from them (not even the stars). Pay attention to the manufacturer (the drug must be certified in the country where you plan to inject), expiration date, packaging. And, of course, choose your doctor carefully. Even if the drug is selected correctly, if the injection technique is violated, the result may be far from the desired one."

Emmanuelle Bear

The French actress, goodwill ambassador and human rights activist was remembered by the viewer for the film "To the Left of the Elevator". It was impossible to take your eyes off the natural beauty with characteristic charm. In 2003, the actress graced the cover of a popular glossy magazine, which was sold out in a day. In the picture, she posed for the photographer with her back. Not for nothing - from this angle, the consequences of an unsuccessful plastic surgery on the lips were not noticeable. She first decided to change their shape in 1989, and after that she tried to correct the result. Emmanuelle is now 55, and she is the brightest opponent of plastic surgery.

Meg Ryan

In the early 80s, Meg was repeatedly awarded the title of the most beautiful woman in Hollywood. The girl starred not only in films, but also in commercials. In early 2000, Meg began visiting plastic surgeons. She disappeared from all "radars", and when she appeared: she shocked the fans. The cheekbones have taken on an unnatural shape, the lips have doubled. This was not the same Meg that millions fell in love with. Alas, the actress has lost her individuality.

Donatella Versace

After the tragic death of Gianni Versace, Donatella ceased to be a shadow of her brother and took the helm of the fashion house. It was at this moment that the girl began to get involved in plastic surgery. One visit to the doctor, the second - and now, instead of the graceful and naturally beautiful Donatella, there were only eyes (and then, with a changed cut).

Masha Malinovskaya

Masha still cannot fix the consequences of unsuccessful implantation. Yes, there is no more “gap” between the upper and lower lip. But the specialists failed to return the natural form either. There is only one option: to accept yourself differently.

“The appearance of a“gap”, like that of TV presenter Masha Malinovskaya, is the result of an incorrectly chosen technique for administering the drug. In her case, injections were made only in the lateral region of the lip - the central one remained intact. As a result, the volume increased at the edges, but not at the center. Hence the effect.

If a "gap" appears after the polymer, only a surgeon can fix it. There are two options when using hyaluronic acid. The first is to wait for it to decompose. Second -

Injecting hyalurunidase, an enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid. Only then can the shape be corrected again."

Michaela Romanini

Michaela is an example of how plastic surgery can transform a beautiful girl into an unattractive woman. The Italian socialite had everything to excite the minds: plump lips, smooth nose, expressive eyes - looking at the photo "before" it seems that she was the first in line for the "distribution" of beauty. At 30, she first inserted implants into her lips. And then visits to the clinic became the norm. At first she wanted a little bit better, and then operations became a necessity - Michaela tried to correct her previous work. Vicious circle!

Kylie Jenner

10 years ago, Kylie was nothing like the girl you know. She made her first visit to the clinic when she was only 17 years old. The chest, cheekbones, nose and even the buttocks have undergone surgery. Kylie's plump lips are also the result of manipulation. True, not entirely successful.

“The injection site of hyaluronic acid is the area of the red border. It consists of capillaries, blood vessels and the circular muscle of the mouth. The drug is injected into it. The muscle has the property of being stretched. With excessive administration of the drug, this is exactly what happens to her. The process is accompanied by the rupture of muscle fibers as a result, the lips look as if they are now bursting."

Yulia Volkova

The former soloist of the Tatu group has repeatedly topped the popularity ratings among victims of aesthetic medicine. And all because I was very keen on injecting fillers into the lip area. This did not add beauty to Yulia - the fans begged to stop. It stopped when the lips became simply incredible size.

Lindsey Lohan

The brawler Lohan has naturally very thin lips that did not spoil her at all. Lindsay herself seems to think otherwise. The actress decided to add some volume to her lips. It turned out not very aesthetically pleasing.

Lara Flynn Boyle

The actress is known for her roles in the TV series Twin Peaks and The Practice. She ruined her memorable and special beauty with implants. Experts say that in the case of Lara, all proportions were violated - the upper lip is much larger than the lower one.

“When correcting lips, one cannot ignore the bite. Often people come to me with orthodontic problems - for example, depression of the upper or lower jaw. In such cases, you need to visually redistribute the shadow to hide the defect. But this is not a solution to the problem. I recommend to my patients to visit the orthodontist first and only then to correct the lips."