Beauty From Within: 10 Hollywood Actresses Over 50

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Beauty From Within: 10 Hollywood Actresses Over 50
Beauty From Within: 10 Hollywood Actresses Over 50

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Video: 20 Most Beautiful Celebrities Over 50 Years of Age 2023, January

When a woman approaches the 50-year-old threshold, it's time to fall into depression, but these Hollywood beauties prove that beauty does not suddenly disappear as if by magic, it is worth celebrating the anniversary. And sometimes life is just beginning.


Some stars could not resist experimenting with their appearance, changing themselves beyond recognition. Their beauty did not increase, therefore, they did not make it to the list of 10 beautiful-looking ladies over 50. But those who prefer naturalness, accept themselves and the changes taking place literally glow from the inside. Yes, there are those who dabbled with beauty injections, but abandoned them in time, remembering that they were glorified by facial expressions and talent. Robin Wright, 51 "Aging is a struggle to learn to accept what is meaningless to deny."

Demi Moore, 54 “I am constantly moisturizing my skin. Constantly. It is very important".

Monica Bellucci, 53 "To be beautiful at 20 is natural, when you are beautiful at 35 or 45 - this is a position in life."

Halle Berry, 51 years old "I really follow my skin, and therefore I can afford to be without makeup."

Nicole Kidman, 50 “Once I made the wrong decision and tried Botox. But now I got rid of it, and my face is moving again."

Julianne Moore, 56 "I'm not perfect, although I try very hard."

Sarah Jessica Parker, 52 “Many people are afraid that after 40 all the fun ends. This is one of the most powerful delusions."

Jodie Foster, 54 "There are more important things in life than looking in the mirror."

Salma Hayek, 51 "If you are afraid of aging, your beauty will fade much faster."

Elizabeth Hurley, 52 "The main beauty secret is to be happy!"

The famous beauty Julia Roberts also turned 50 the other day, but she is not discouraged and shares her attitude to beauty standards, preferring herself natural, without makeup.

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