Elizabeth II's Secret Remedy Sparks A Stir In Spain

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Elizabeth II's Secret Remedy Sparks A Stir In Spain
Elizabeth II's Secret Remedy Sparks A Stir In Spain

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Spaniards can't wait to find out how Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain is victorious over old age. Moreover, as it became known, the main cosmetic product costs the monarch who owns countless treasures quite inexpensively.


The Spanish edition of Mujerhoy found the answer in a book by Brian Kozlowski with a very frank title: “Long live the queen! 13 rules of life from the longest reigning monarch of Great Britain."

A big revelation awaits the reader: it turns out that Elizabeth II, the daughter of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, has always preferred inexpensive makeup and personal care products. Her cosmetics costs were significantly lower than those of the rest of the royal family.

The author mentions only one cosmetic brand, which, according to his information, is used by the queen: it is a British company. Kozlowski claims that the queen uses a moisturizer from this company every day. And the miracle remedy costs only one and a half euros.

Perhaps the enthusiastic description of the miraculous means of "royal" cosmetics is just a publicity stunt. Although usually conferring the title of supplier to Her Majesty's court is fraught with very serious troubles. Be that as it may, the invasion of burning Spanish women in the company's stores is already assured.

Recall that the British The Telegraph once reported that Queen Elizabeth wears lipstick of one famous brand. Although no one saw what lipstick Her Majesty was pulling out of her purse, the brand's sales skyrocketed.

As for the much-hyped cosmetic brand Cyclax by Kozlowski, its founder really helped the queen with makeup for the inauguration. In gratitude, Her Majesty awarded the brand with the Royal Order in 1961.

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