Which Toothbrush To Choose

Which Toothbrush To Choose
Which Toothbrush To Choose

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- For proper oral hygiene, there should be two toothbrushes, - says the highest category dentist Alexander Dudakov. - One - electric - for the morning, the second - the usual classic - for the evening. In the morning we are usually in a hurry, and an electric toothbrush will help to quickly and effectively clean the oral cavity and especially the back wall of the extreme teeth.

After brushing, it is useful to hold a little toothpaste in your mouth, which has warmed up to body temperature, so that the cleaned teeth will absorb all the beneficial microelements. At least one minute in the morning, 3-5 minutes in the evening.

Do not chase expensive electric toothbrushes, as practice shows, the batteries in them fail much faster. After a year and a half, the toothbrush is constantly being recharged. And mid-range workhorses can run for decades on a single battery.

“Various bells and whistles in a toothbrush are also not very important, it often happens that today you like them, tomorrow you forget about them, and the day after tomorrow you use only one function,” the expert says. - I would also not recommend ultrasonic or sonic toothbrushes - they can cause fillings to fall out, crowns and bridges can become uncemented. These brushes should be used with great care.

As for the classic toothbrush, here, too, you should prefer the middle price category, so that you can safely change it as needed. But also very cheap ones are not worth buying.

- It's like with razors: you buy a disposable one, you think that you will shave once and throw it away, - the doctor explains. “But a cheap razor won't shave well once. For inexpensive brushes, the cheapest materials are used, which can peel off paint and fall out of bristles. Once, on New Year's Eve, a patient came to me. While waiting for the guests, she decided to tidy herself up, brushed her teeth, and a piece of bristles stuck tightly between her chewing teeth and rested on her cheek. She herself could not pull it out and came for help.

Stiff bristles are needed for those who smoke, drink strong tea, coffee and red wines to clean off accumulated plaque. For all others, medium-hard bristles are suitable.

“It used to be that it was impossible to clean teeth with soft toothbrushes,” continues Dudakov. - But recently very good toothbrushes have appeared with soft elongated bristles, which fall into all interdental spaces. So for the evening, you can use a medium to soft toothbrush.

The bristles must be artificial - in the natural, bacteria multiply very quickly. It is better to choose a brush with multi-level bristles, especially if you have crowded or uneven teeth. Rubber inserts in the bristles are completely pointless, they do not help in the least to improve teeth cleaning. The handle should be comfortable - and that is all that is required of it. Tongue brush heads on the back are usually not effective enough, so if you want to thoroughly clean your tongue, you should use a separate brush.

If you have braces or splints that are used for jaw fractures, you will need special toothbrushes that look like brushes. But it is best to use an irrigator in such cases. It will also help with tightly standing teeth, when it is impossible to use dental floss.

- But it is important to remember that electric toothbrushes, brushes and irrigators cannot replace an ordinary toothbrush, they should be used only as a supplement, - emphasizes Dudakov. - Be sure to need mechanical cleaning of the face, chewing surface from the side of the palate, tongue.And do not forget to brush your teeth correctly and regularly, otherwise even the most expensive toothbrush will not protect you from caries.

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