The Position Of The Head Physician Of The Emergency Hospital Caused The Discontent Of The Governor

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The Position Of The Head Physician Of The Emergency Hospital Caused The Discontent Of The Governor
The Position Of The Head Physician Of The Emergency Hospital Caused The Discontent Of The Governor

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The situation with the cold in the emergency hospital caused a cognitive dissonance in the governor of the Kursk region. The scandal of the past week was once again discussed within the framework of an operational meeting of the regional administration

We will remind, a few days ago, one of the patients of the covid hospital complained about the unbearable cold in the medical facility. According to him, it was possible to warm up at least a little unless lying under several blankets and in outerwear. Patients, including himself, had to go out into the corridor, where the batteries were at least slightly, but warmer than in the wards. If last week, at an operational meeting, it was said that the situation was apparently far-fetched, and the low temperature was explained by “a window open somewhere for ventilation,” this time the rhetoric of the regional leaders has changed. Moreover, it is very noticeable. Whether under the influence of the fact that the topic reached the federal level after one of the central TV channels became interested in it, or under the influence of numerous comments on social networks, the administration admitted that the problem was not far-fetched. Governor Roman Starovoit recalled that “from the windows of the House of Soviets it is not always clear what is happening,” and therefore it would be useful if the alarm signals came from the chief doctors, and not from the media. It is the head of the medical facility that is primarily responsible for the fact that it became known about the cold in the premises late, and the issue of insulation itself has not been resolved for several days in a row. “What is happening for the second week in the emergency room with window insulation is a disgrace. You need to notify you of a problem in real time around the clock. The head physician cannot organize the work? " - The head of the region was indignant.

This time, he did not justify the head physician of the emergency hospital and the deputy governor Andrei Belostotsky, who noticed that at the end of August, long before the start of the heating season, the chief physicians reported on the readiness of the heating circuit. The responsibility for the fact that this was not done properly in the case of the emergency hospital is the fault of the head of the medical institution, according to him. The remark is quite significant, taking into account the fact that a few days ago the head physician of the emergency hospital Kaleria Ilchenko tried to assure the audience of the Civil Defense program that she had sent a complaint about the cold in the premises to the regional health department. However, later it turned out that the document was sent not three months ago, immediately after her inauguration, as the audience of the television studio understood, but only after the scandal began to flare up. At the same time, in an interview with our colleagues from Kurskcity, she tried to prove that we are talking about a little coolness, which many do not even consider cold. And she even showed receipts taken from patients who, allegedly, were quite satisfied with the temperature regime.

According to Andrei Belostotsky, additional technical specialists were allocated to the BSMP, who should help to quickly insulate the premises as much as possible under the current conditions. It remains to carry out this work on two more floors of the building. “I ask you to help the chief doctors, but if they do not bring problematic issues to us, we will not be able to solve them and provide assistance,” noted Roman Starovoit. - If it is decided through the media, what kind of interaction is it? You meet regularly in videoconferencing mode … It's a very strange situation. Moreover, at the beginning of the year we made a decision on additional payments to technical personnel. The chief doctors reported that everything was fine. And then it turns out that there is not enough specialists, people do not go to this salary. Some kind of inconsistency."

Time and Kursktv will show whether to understand this dialogue as a promise of another wave of changes for the BSMP. In the meantime, one thing is clear: ohblame patients for spreading fakes, at least in the issue of cold in the BSMP, apparently, the near future will not.

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