Secrets Of Male Attractiveness Revealed

Secrets Of Male Attractiveness Revealed
Secrets Of Male Attractiveness Revealed

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Video: Scientists Reveal Most Attractive Traits in Men 2022, December

Thick eyebrows indicate that the lover will be hot in bed, men with symmetrical facial features will give an unforgettable orgasm, but those of the stronger sex who have small eyes should not be trusted. The British newspaper The Sun wrote about this with reference to the research of scientists from Princeton University in New Jersey.

A study published this week proves that women can tell a man's "value" by simply looking at his face. Tinder, interviews and even a date in a pub - where you just don't have to meet people. Despite the fact that society tells us how important inner beauty is, a lot can be told about a person's personality, sexuality, wealth and character in appearance.

Women prefer men with open eyes and big eyes when looking for a serious relationship. According to statistics, 71% of women chose guys with big eyes as more suitable for procreation. Men were also more likely to be in business or befriend a man who had larger, larger eyes.

However, both men and women in the study said that people with large, seductive eyes appear less reliable in partnerships.

Tanning is also a great attraction. Dark-skinned guys seem more attractive than pale-faced ones: they appear withdrawn and inexperienced in sexual relationships. In addition, tanned guys themselves feel more confident and this also "enslaves" the partner.

The next time you meet someone with a perfectly symmetrical face, don't let go of them, because people with symmetrical faces are said to have an unforgettable orgasm for their partner.

While the symmetry of your face is usually not very noticeable, biologists have found that subtle differences on each side of our face cannot be clearly perceived by others.

But gray hair is inherent in the richer representatives of humanity, which is also important for creating an attractive image.

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