How Was The Meeting On Public Transport Development?

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How Was The Meeting On Public Transport Development?
How Was The Meeting On Public Transport Development?

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Problems in public transport have been building up in Kursk for years, if not decades. Today, representatives of the administrations of the Kursk region and Kursk are meeting with public figures and carriers on the development of public transport

Earlier, Governor Roman Starovoit announced such a meeting at a weekly planning meeting. He instructed to organize the event to Stanislav Naboko, the first deputy governor. Public transport is being discussed in the creative space "Veranda", from the side of the authorities are present the head of Kursk, Viktor Karamyshev, and the chairman of the committee for transport and highways of the region, Vladimir Muravyov, and representatives of the Research Institute of Motor Transport, who are developing a model of a new route network.

The need for a meeting has matured after the increase in the transportation tariff to 21 rubles. Private traders argue that even this tariff is not economically viable and does not allow purchasing new large-capacity buses. Such a fare will only help to keep private carriers "afloat". Interestingly, at the meeting, activists with long driving experience who do not feel the need for a daily ride in minibuses are actively advocating a further increase in the cost of travel in public transport (OT).

Ardent defenders of trams call to restore the network and switch to electric transport, or at least not be rude to the finally dying tram.

Volodymyr Sinelnikov, a public figure, asked the question of transport after 22 o'clock and its small number, which is of interest to many Kurds. In response, I heard that all transport goes as it should, according to contracts by 99%. PAZiks run until 21:30, later only minibuses. This statement is very controversial, because even after 8 pm it is almost impossible to get out by public transport from some areas of the city, even with transfers.

Time will show whether carriers will realize the need to change their attitude towards passengers for the better.

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