The Hearing On The Kursk Tram Was Postponed

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The Hearing On The Kursk Tram Was Postponed
The Hearing On The Kursk Tram Was Postponed

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After the initiative group of the Kursk residents wrote a letter to the governor today with a request to finalize the transport scheme of Kursk, the meeting was postponed

From public figures KurskTV it became known that the hearings were postponed to March. The exact date of the hearing has not yet been set.

Let us remind you that the hearings were supposed to take place this Friday. True, both the time and the place were, as it were, specially chosen so that the event could be attended by as few residents as possible. Indeed, many would be able to arrive at the Railway Workers' House of Culture by 16 o'clock on a working day? Moreover, as the organizers assumed, there was no way to get there without going through the preliminary registration procedure.

In this regard, the initiative group of tram defenders today turned to the head of the region, Roman Starovoit, by publishing an open letter "The reverse side of the new transport reform". In it, among other things, it was proposed to postpone the hearings.

Is it possible to hope that the governor heard the public figures and considered their arguments reasonable, or this is a demonstrative step, is still unclear. Moreover, if you look at the problem from the other side, the activists have already spent a lot of effort on attracting the population on February 26th. For example, elderly residents of Kursk who did not use the Internet could find out about the upcoming meeting only from posters distributed around the city - and these leaflets became irrelevant overnight.

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