Plastic Surgeon Told What Women Will Be In Demand After The Pandemic

Plastic Surgeon Told What Women Will Be In Demand After The Pandemic
Plastic Surgeon Told What Women Will Be In Demand After The Pandemic

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Many quarantined women suffer without beauty salons. But self-isolation has taught us to be smart about consumption and services. Sensible attitude to one's own appearance is another important trend that has strengthened its position during the pandemic. Today, naturalness reigns in fashion. Plastic surgeon, candidate of medical sciences, Dmitry Saratovtsev told MK that nowadays it is completely unfashionable and is considered bad manners.


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Push up goodbye

Despite the fact that mammoplasty continues to be one of the most demanded operations in aesthetic surgery, changes in demands are visible in this area. There are more and more people who want to install not push-up implants that increase breasts up to 4-5 sizes, but small, teardrop-shaped ones. The most popular size is “two” or “three”. Many women ask to return them to the condition of the breast before childbirth and breastfeeding, its original shape and size. There are ladies who are determined to get rid of implants and return smaller natural breasts.

Hollywood divas set the tone - starting with the legendary Pamela Anderson, tired of her super-lush bust, as well as Chris Jenner, Sharon Osborne, Heidi Montag, Victoria Beckham. And this is not a complete list of stars who first resorted to breast augmentation, but after a while they tried to return as much as possible to their image, which nature awarded.

If we talk about the fifth point, then progress has reached the point that many women have stopped dreaming about the buttocks of Kim Kardashian. It is not implants that are in fashion now, but lipofilling: excess adipose tissue is taken from one part of the body and transferred to where you want to add volume (breasts or buttocks).

"The face of the star"

Another confirmation of the trend towards naturalness is the decrease in the number of women who try to make their face as similar as possible to someone else with the help of plastics. For example, many people used to ask for a "nose like the Duchess of Cambridge" or Angelina Jolie. And recently, requests have become more modest: adjusting the hump or changing the shape of the wings of the nose.

And although someone still wants "lips like Jolie," there are fewer such requests. Most are limited to hyaluronic injections, which slightly increase the volume without doing them like a fish. And some of the fair sex, who at one time made lip augmentation, return with a request to remove the volume, if not completely, then at least to that stage in order to achieve possible naturalness. So the clone invasion of the world in the coming years seems to be canceled.

As for the circular facelift, the situation is different in Russia and Europe. So, in Western countries over the past 20 years, the number of annual operations has decreased significantly. The latest report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons shows that the total number of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures has increased by 228% since 2000.

Perhaps the reason for the refusal of residents of these countries from a circular facelift is the global financial crisis - it's still a cheap procedure. Someone is generally afraid of serious surgical intervention and entrusts their beauty to cosmetologists who use hardware techniques, such as cavitation, the use of a laser and radio frequencies, as well as minimally invasive techniques with the installation of various threads and the introduction of fillers based on hyaluronic acid. Their plus is the absence of anesthesia, a good anti-aging effect and the notorious "environmental friendliness". However, they give only a short-term result, which after a full course of procedures will last 3-6 months.In Russia, a circular facelift is one of the most popular. And those who want to throw off more than a dozen years at a time willingly go under the surgeon's knife without a shadow of fear. And, coming out of self-isolation, the ladies will surely run to rejuvenate intensely.


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